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  1. Why is representation such a make or break thing for so many people? Why does a character have to be 1 to 1 with you in order for their struggles and triumphs to be understandable or even relatable? Am I becoming a boomer? It just doesn't seem that big of a deal to me.

  2. Where did the EFAP on this go? I might have been hallucinations but I thought I saw YMS on an EFAP a day or so ago

  3. Listening to a barely functioning alcoholic british person (hello? redundant department) ranting about wokeness in hollywood to an audience of people who pretend to watch media to use as an outlet for middle class white suburban grievance culture sounds exhausting and boring.

  4. Enjoy much of YMS’ content, but I feel like his personal politics and lack of knowledge of Drinker has clouded his best judgment. Still looking forward to the second part of The Lion King.

  5. Russel brand is so goddamn irritating, im glad to see he’s revealed himself as a right wing pos, because now I can actually have a reason to point at when I hate his guts.

  6. Anyone who gawks over Ron DeSantis and Tucker Carlson is a racist I don't care you can @ me….

  7. I see some of Drinker's fans acting like saying he's an alt-right grifter is some kind of baseless accusation.


    – He hangs out with folks like Russell Brand/Sargon of Akkad/Geeks + Gamers/Nerdrotic etc.
    – Implies that Tucker Carlson is some kind of hero
    – Praises the Daily Wire film company as well as Sound of Freedom
    – Complains about wokeism every chance he gets
    – Acts like Brie Larson is a witch for stating her opinion
    – Acts like Gina Carano is a hero for stating her opinion (after bashing her acting mind you)
    – Claims movies are hating him for "being a straight white male"
    – Flat out said that having LGBT and female representation counts as woke

    Do the math y'all…

  8. The drinker and the “anti-woke” YouTubers are closer to the sjw’s they hate so much…as long as the politics align with theirs it’s ok to be in movies.

  9. Does Adam seriously not understand that you should be apposed to child sex trafficking? Does he think there are good people on both sides of the child sex trafficking "debate"?

    That statement really put him in a different light for me. I mean he is a bit of a peter pan. Is he sympathetic to pedo's? I agree with drinker, preventing sex trafficking is something everyone should get behind, and if you don't you need to be go on a list.

  10. Its hilarious all the comments putting woke in quotation marks as if it is just a conspiracy theory or fictitious and not a literal fact that is a perverse, divisive ideology(that funny enough whose supporters wants to inflict the same "pain" onto wrong thinkers that they feel have been inflicted upon them) that corporations and institutions are desperately trying to jam down the populace throat. Denying its existence when some big businesses are now literally being sued for there woke race based programs won't make the term or people who oppose it go away and neither will demonizing them, the can of worms has been opened and is not closing anytime soon so buckle up for a long ride those "tired" of the culture war. Instead why don't you fellas just advocate for why its so amazing, inevitable, or the future instead of calling any opposition the trifecta of racist, transphobic, nazi's all buzzwords that have lost all original meaning in todays internet age. coherent

  11. All the CD fangirls coming to defend their media illiterate daddy.

  12. This is all a grift.. because they know that their audience will eat any crap they spew. Its easy money for these clowns.look at Russell brand what he has become.

  13. I bet if aliens would have been made now they will call it woke. No doubt in my mind.

  14. Well,that EFAP appearance did not go well. I'm sure this will blow over for you soon

  15. I saw people calling him tarnished brand on google and had a bit of a chuckle

  16. The Critical Drinker isn’t wrong. Really trying to find the lie

  17. Well, to be fair, he is called the Critical Drinker, not the Critical Thinker.

  18. I can’t tell if Adam genuinely misses the point or doing it on purpose 😂.
    Cinema sins really needs to do a counter for how many time Adam says “conservative” “anti-vaxxer”.

  19. Why does this shithead have more subs than Adam?

  20. I don't agree with Adum on everything but he is pretty on the ball. Another things I have noticed is modern movie critics only remember manly action hero women. Ripley and Sarah Connor. What about competent womanly characters like Arwen, the original HCA Ariel or Toni Collettes character in Hereditary

  21. Why would i watch Oppenheimer when Adam keeps me entertained for 2:30 hours for free

  22. At least YMS gives criticism to critical drinker even though I don’t fully agree with them unlike hasan who’s just straight up insulting drinker and implying that he should endgame himself

  23. Im half way throu this, and my notion is just that CrDr rants about new popular movies and Adum argues that he is excluding underrated arthouse films, but both are kind of on the same page

  24. it's the same old antisemitism-like hatred. people who feel they failed, they prefer to blame a conspiracy.

  25. Normal people : This movie sucks for X/Y reasons…

    Conservative morons : WOKE ! 🤡

  26. Ngl its kinda funny when the chat starts listing names of strong female characters, and they cant remember Beatrix Kiddo's name 😂

  27. So long story short, he's yet another dumbass anti-woke chud

  28. I know that it is an important player in both world politics, economy and media in a lot of ways, especially for the west, but it will never not amuse me hearing an American describe their own country as basically the greatest place to ever exist.

  29. The saddest revelation from the entire reaction was the fact that Adum didn't finish Arcane, it's such a good show 🙁

  30. covert neonazis like that are also cowards in a very practical way. notice they only put their covert-neonazi spin on movies and shows that are already low-rated so they are safe even if they are full of shit. you never see them putting their political spin on actually highly-rated "woke" movies because they know they can't back it up.

  31. I'm so sick of political youtubers and these shamless fucking grifters like Drinker.

    On the right you get idiots like this talking about the woke agenda and degenerate SJWs while dog whistling the great replacement

    On the left everyone needs to ultra police there language and bow down to every micro agression. Give idiotic takes on economics. And joke about killing rich people.

    Fuck off all of you.

  32. It’s always confused me as to why critical drinker has such a huge following

  33. He's a hate farmer. It's really no more complicated than that. He draws in the people who just HATE anything different, or star a Female, or a person of color is in it. His videos are just flat out "hate farming". A lot of his viewers, are people who find him repulsive. He is ignorant for the most part. He lives in a country with about 4.6 million people and over 95 percent of them are white. He talks about culture, yet he has ZERO exposure or knowledge of anything other than what he knows, which again, is so limited, it's meaningless.

  34. Kinda weird how the right wing is trying to push this anti p*do narrative whilst also being the party filled with the most religious p*dos in the entire nation. Js.

  35. Man, adum really couldn’t be good faith with a gun to his head.

  36. "Someones gonna look at me and assume I believe XYZ and be like 'you're an npc' but it's like you don't know my beliefs."
    Isn't that exactly what adam is doing to drinker during this entire video?

  37. You had me until you said you found Arcane boring and never finished it. Please fix this.

  38. I honestly think "the critical drinker" is a pseudo-intellectual hate filled man child Mr Plinkett clone who is completely unhealthily obsessed with "wokeism".
    I had to block his channel to stop it getting recommended all the time. Even in this video I can't take him seriously with his toys in the background and his stupid aviators on his face. It's amazing with the sheer amount of information and media and entertainment that is available to people that anyone would choose to watch this guy.

  39. Good thing YMS has never done anything to give these alt-right losers any exposure. You know, like joining their awful EFAP podcast. That would be stupid.

  40. critic analysis of a critic is so meta.

  41. I love RM Brown so much- thank you Adam for keeping him alive, single-handedly. Toilets

  42. god, listening to drinker talk about movies is painful. it comes across like he doesn't know what he's talking about. it doesn't seem like he's very knowledgeable in the matter, which is bad when you're a film critic with 2 million followers. it's like all he eats is McDonalds and complains about how much better McDonalds used to be when he was a kid, yet still eats it. he has this jeff dunham, dane cook appeal.

  43. TL;DR: the unhоlly child of Jim Sterling and Patty Taxxon barks at Gordon Ramsay jr. fоr 150 min.

  44. This is honestly my own take on media, a lot of the people that complain about wokeness do not realize that the overall problem is commercialization, when art becomes commercialized it basically stops really becoming art. Mainstream studios have become more commercialized but independent studios don't actually have this problem and auteurs don't tend to have this problem as well.

    The same thing applies to music, so many people complain about music as a whole but when I complain about modern music I usually specify it is the mainstream scene that is a let down, in the independent scene great music still is around and able to be listened to and enjoyed.

    So to me as soon as a film critics uses the word "woke" in their reviews to me it basically devalues their content, like it is not a criticism that a film is progressive or even conservative, give me the reason why it's bad like maybe the shots are low quality, the writing is bad, characters have no development or like something I'm currently watching Queer Duck as a entertaining piece of media I like, it has low quality animation but for me the writing carries it pretty well and the voice acting is pretty decent.

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