Xbox Accessibility Showcase 2022

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Xbox aims to empower everyone to play the games you want, with the people you want, anywhere you want. And that includes the over 400M players with disabilities in the world. Today with the 2022 Xbox Accessibility Showcase, we celebrate the Disability community and the many people and organizations working to remove barriers to play, ultimately making gaming more accessible around the globe.


  1. cant wait to play these types of people in mw2 when I reverse boost🙏

  2. That intro had me laughing hard for some reason much respect

  3. What are you doing to me Microsoft…. The Fable story made my heart just melt.

  4. Amazing, though I'd like to see more representation of the LGBTQBLMU+ community

  5. Валентин PIRATA Валько says:

    Please return our favorites game from xbox 360 in xbox live gold!!!

  6. Salute to all the people everywhere! Let's play games y'all!

  7. Sticky keys (buttons) & simple gestures for the Xbox adaptive controller please.

  8. I'm sorry Microsoft but I couldn't help but laugh at the thumbnail. Look at him so goofy lookin. Haha

  9. I would absolutely love (and need) the ability to toggle aim for shooter games. Not all games have this option.

  10. Honestly Xbox has surprise me for nearly 25 years so keep it up Xbox I love you

  11. Bucks doesn't stop Bugs and Bully on what People sufferings, but only put our time on weller the work from Everybody to campaign on knowing every sample of things that must easier or corrige Anybody's Work to blast off their Rocket to next Phase. Maybe to Phantasy Life on Way to stop the Harm of Hell Life of Each One Many Times.

  12. Suggestion for next time: highlight some of the accessibility features in upcoming games. Seeing the As Dusk Falls Spotlight was great, but announcing features that’ll be in next year’s releases would’ve been exciting for players who need them and generated some positive buzz online as well.

  13. As I’m getting older I’d was wondering if companies would allow turbo buttons as my fingers aren’t what they use to be

  14. 136 dementes le han dado dislike al video, piperos supongo…

  15. That's really inclusion, inclusion isn't about sexual tastes, sensual tastes are for the bed and internal personality, you're the best company and you'll be bigger than now.

  16. I love you xbooooox🧡❤️🧡🧡🧡🧡

  17. Describing yourselves as an introduction. Sad world. Thanks for telling me you have blonde hair. Disgraceful

  18. Lol Xbox shadow banning peoples comments. Type something that offends the delicate snowflakes and YOU’RE BANNED! So much for free speech!!

  19. I thought the intro was weird but was humbled when I knew the purpose.

  20. Amazing work, Microsoft. More of this from the game industry please.

  21. This is the best initiative at MS right now. So many peoples lives can be improved through gaming. Well done MS. Well Done.

  22. I’m still getting the adaptive controller 🎮🏆
    I’m gonna watch this full video just for gratitude to Xbox 🥇

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