WONDER MAN Casting Update! WandaVision Connection Explained | The Breakroom

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Today on the Breakroom, we’re talking about the new Wonder Man casting news, and rounding up everything we know about the upcoming Disney+ Series. Plus how it may connect to WandaVision, Kang Dynasty and more!

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  1. Lol another role being blackwashed. Pathetic as it can get… 👎

  2. Thanks and safety to ya all as always!!

  3. Hey guys van we start getting some time stamps on these,

  4. Wow I'm the third to say something but I can't wait for what's next I'm the mcu

  5. Most early reviews had been saying this movie is mediocre.

  6. It would be kinda funny if the first episode of Mando s3 is that episode where he's in book of Boba Fett, but following Boba Fett instead.

  7. Now that Wanda is in the realm of the dark dimension< Agatha spell is broken

  8. I wonder what PED Jonathan is on to get jacked so quickly?

  9. w000t, hopefully it's not just this video, but the clipping has got better! Now it only reduces -2db and not -5db, almost there =)

  10. I cant believe you guys shill for this crap now.

  11. Kinda getting some slight A-train vibes for wonderman

  12. In the comics its what deity you worship is what god/afterlife/hell you goto.

  13. Pluto was lobotomized and was the best friend of goofy goofy felt terrible having to take care of Pluto so he gave Mickey Pluto to act as a pet That’s the only way that works

  14. I'd rather Blue marvel geez K.E.V.I.N!!!

  15. When do we get the Reel Rejects crossover episode???

  16. I didn't even know there was a Creed 2? Hard pass lol

  17. Wonder man's brother Grim Reaper, had his helmet shown briefly in wandavision also…

  18. 19:56 exactlyyy, I’ll admit for a split second I thought what? Whyyy? But then instantly I was like Coy, the acting it takes to keep up these bits and pull them off as nearly completely different people is amazing, he has the essence and potential for this role

  19. I don’t think it was Yahya that said the comment about clown work? You guys brought it up on an episode before? I’m sure it was someone who just did a movie and was saying that after wearing a costume and doing all the silly hand movements and stuff, which makes me think Olsen but I don’t know 😅 just don’t remember it being Yahya

  20. Does anyone care really I mean marvel are so bad now it feels like theirs no creativity (with the exception of WWBN) everything is trying to be a comedy or a nostalgia fest and their is real creative through line like the infinity saga they waste great actors on crappy underdeveloped roles and fill all of their films with awful unfunny jokes

  21. The Breakroom is so much fun! Thank you for bringing us daily content!

  22. I hope see get Yahya Abdul-Mateen II join the MCU, he’s one of my favorite actors!!!

  23. i thought Nathan Fillion was going to play Wonderman in the mcu

  24. i think Sasha Cohen is going to play someone else, maybe a european dictator, he did play a dictator before and he is european, and i think he wants iron heart to build him some armor, for say, ruling LATVERIA!!!

  25. The volume came back a tiny bit too soon

  26. These are unwatchable and I’m a huge fan of this channel lol

  27. Coy did so well with his apathy when acting I thought he just didn't gaf at first

  28. Both these actors for creed are WAY too old to be presented as amateur boxers!!

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