Why is this LEGO Avatar set $100!?

DISCLAIMER: The following video is intended for people ages 13 and up.

This set has good minifigures, but is too expensive.

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  1. 100$ 😂😂😂 we should boycott this company!

  2. 70: reasonable. good figs and a decent size when complete. 100: you're pushing it a wee bit, Lego.

  3. The reason it cost so much is the fee they have to pay in Licensing fees

  4. Why ist the upcoming Hulkbuster 550 USD with 4000 pieces only?
    lego has always been expensive.

  5. You havent seen recent Lego-Sets right?
    This set is legendary for 100$

  6. Waste of LEGO I wouldn't pay 1 cent for this set bottom line!

  7. 100!? My brother in Christ! You make my choices to collect warhammer look cheap!

  8. A section? Did you even watch the movie? That's the mobile command unit

  9. It’s a really good but it’s a little overpriced❤❤

  10. Still better than the black panther sets….

  11. I think the kit should be like $50 or $60

  12. I love the look of this set, it's amazing, gives me great nostalgia seeing their trailer, but I dont like the price tag, I might get this set, but for the price might be the only one I get.

  13. feels like it tries to do too much to really have anything that stands out

    feels like they could've had a set with the VTOL in the floating mountains and another thats site 25

  14. Besides the price it’s pretty cool. It’s my favorite set of the wave. 9/10



  17. When I heard that it was $100 I took a spit-take, so that looks like it’s $40

  18. The helicopter kinda looks like a vertabird from fallout

  19. Honestly I’d only buy it to use for a lego Eddie’s trailer moc from stranger things.

  20. What kind of mountain is that. 100$ for that is like 25$ for a new poly bag

  21. At this point I'm just buying fake figs for a dollar and call it a day

  22. I like the set just not the movie
    Great look for the builds, I could see someone reusing parts of it for a futuristic military base

  23. $100! Wtf that’s like $50-$60 at most $70 but wtf 😂

  24. bro 100$? that's a scam! NNAAWW broo. I don't wanna sound like a bommer, but I was born in 2008 and even THEN stuff was cheaper!

  25. I didn’t know that this was $100 until you said

  26. Every year I’m less inclined to get sets because of the price tag.

  27. I really want to get that Samson to modify it, but this set is way out of my budget. Imma wait for it to go on sale. This thing to me is worth $50.

  28. I don't really have enough money for that one, and its not my country for now, but Id buy it

  29. Homies mad because it doesn’t actually float

  30. They should've focused more on the mountains

  31. definitely bugs me that we now have the left train door in sand blue but not the right one

  32. I feel like this could be a good starter for a Xen MOC. The colorful flora is about right and the building could become a research lab.

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