Which is the Best? – Marvel Legends Lizard Comparison

Marvel Legends at BBTS
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  1. I have the ultimate lizard one and that one is actually really awesome.

  2. I would like the BaF the most
    If they updated the tail like this new one
    Ans re did the head, I hate the dinosaur head look. Ruined it for me

  3. i think they should 100% make a Mcfarlane style lizard later on down the line but for the 60 years of spider-man line, this was the only right choice for the lizard for them to make

  4. The retro one is the best. Fits in perfectly with the rest of the Spider-Man villains and it actually looks like the lizard and not some dinosaur like the BAF

  5. The new one is cartoon accurate so that is the best

  6. to me the perfect lizzard was the marvel universe one, man that one was perfect

  7. The baf is my favorite. Even with its problems it's big it's mean and it looks more like a monster. The new one looks so small when he's posed next to spidey figs. He just doesn't look as intimidating. I actually love the dinosaur head on the baf.

  8. Imo i think the new lizard is the best, but i can see people liking the others

  9. Yo Shartimus are you excited for the new Spawn wave? I am 😆

  10. The BaF is my personal favorite. It’s a lot more monstrous. The head doesn’t bother me as it looks like a reptile beast and not a newt or green dude with a long face.

  11. Can you compare the Retro lizard to the Retro Spider-Man

  12. the BAF is the best but i personally think the head is a little bit to much on the dinosaur side for my liking so for me the 60 year anniversary one is my favorite

  13. Hi, this was a nice video even with the fact it was just a filling some gaps video, you should comback and do some figure characters comparisons, see ya in the next!

  14. ngl I think the Lizard BAF looks the best. If it wasn’t going for $150 I’d get it in a heartbeat but..

  15. Liked this video should do more like but have a good week man 👊🏼

  16. I think another good sculpt is surprisingly the shapeshifter. It's proportions and head sculpt is really solid. Only issue is, like with the McFarlane one, it's articulation is pretty bad by Marvel legends standards.

  17. The marvel select has a great mix of size, sculpt, paint, and a really cool design and a badass base.

  18. I like everything about the bar lizard except for the head, just wish it was like the reference imagine you showed, and that the lab coat was more rubbery, or cloth with wires in it to pose it around better.

  19. Do todd mcfarlane spider-man toy biz vs Hasbro todd mcfarlane spider-man comparsion.

  20. BAF. But for nostalgia, I'd go with the retro card back

  21. I think I like the size of baf the head and tail of the new one and the paint on the coat of the other one

  22. The BAF in my opinion is the best one. The size is best. I love the head. The tail doesn't bother me to much. I have thought about looking for a wired cloth coat to replace the plastic one to get better articulation.

  23. Oh shit I actually have that exact same blue pants toybiz lizard figure small world after all

  24. They should re-release the BAF as a Deluxe figure, so all of us who missed out could get one for a fair price. The BAF is by far my favourite.

  25. Definetly I can tell Retro Lizard is my favorite because this is the version of more humanoid lizard I wanted since the toybiz one from box set and HASBRO nailed it. Articulation, sculpting, painting overall design and accessories: first apperance head one of the best choices for accessory of all time IMO, opened hands and one fisted and grabbing to hold those flasks I actually do like because this can show cure for the lizard or the serum to turn people to lizards or make reptiles more humanoid. But still I will say I really want to see perfect McFarlane style Lizard and I think rerelase of baf can be good idea but with some changes like different painting, definetly new head, new tail, different legs because he really can't stand on those feet. Anyway if they will relase McFarlane Lizard that would be must have for me too but now I'm happy with humanoid lizard

  26. The one in the middle looks so goofie 😂

  27. Why no one is mentioned that this new lizard has the same TOAD body!

  28. Wow! Anthony's Customs just donned the cruel shoes and tapped danced all over Hasbro and Marvel Legends. I got to say, they had it coming.

  29. Get their batteries ready for the end of the year sprint.

  30. BAF is by far the best. The walmart one is nice for a classic look, but it isn't nearly as interesting on my shelf.

  31. I will stick with my BAF Lizard instead of the sold out Wal-Mart Lizard

  32. I like parts of the Select one too, but it can barely move as well. Toybiz will always hold a place in my heart, but I neeeed and love that new retro Lizard. I hate the baf haha but I still have mine as well. Great review and comp bro!

  33. Bagley was my fav lizard design. So I love the 2nd sculpt and am grateful for the historic Ditko!

  34. Surprised he didn't show baf last time. That one is the best! Imo. Wish I had one 😢

  35. Best? That's like asking people the best burger joint. Although ML is in the topic title, I have to say the MS Lizard has yet to be dethroned from my shelf by anything Hasbro has produced. Hasbro did a good job on the Ditko Lizard portrait yet I wish the Brand Manager would pick up a comic or two. Lizard is slightly larger in stature then this product.

  36. Can the bendywire tail be ported into the BAF figure?

  37. The baf lizard is definitely modern. He has looked more dinosaur like in some of the recent Spidey comics. The new lizard is easily the best though as it perfectly represents how lizard should be.

  38. I would go with the Hasbro retro version over the Toy Biz Fearsome Foes version…which is kinda like saying I would go with the 2022 entry level CPU over the 2002 state of the art CPU. It’s hardly a fair fight with 20 years of innovation on Hasbro’s side. I do like the colors on the Hasbro retro version better. They remind me of the Mego Lizard which was my first introduction to the character as a kid growing up in the 70s.

  39. Which suited body mold is better? Happy Hogan body mold, young Nick Fury body mold or Chameleon body mold?

  40. In my humble opinion, I like the newest one better. Although the BAF also looks cool but it detracts from its limited posability due to the knee joint and besides the squared tail, its face is more monstrous but looks more like a velociraptor than a lizard. About the third one, forgive me but I don't really like the Toy Biz figures. (and also forgive me for my not so good English)

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