Which is the Best? – Marvel Legends Lizard Comparison

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  1. Marvel Select is probably the best one if you want a monster lizard. My favorite is the new one though.

  2. The BAF is my favourite. My only issue is with the knee joints. Without modding it, it won’t stand fully upright.

  3. I don’t mind the Dino look to the Baf because it actually does look a lot like the head of monitor lizards which are some of the most predatory large lizards.

  4. Take your time man. Appreciate the dedication you always put into your videos!

  5. Retro is accurate to the cartoon and comics the baf reminds of the amazing spiderman movie version of the lizard except for the head. I like the retro for the size and nostalgia

  6. The BaF is cool because imo it looks more like alot of modern interpretations of the Lizard -its a decent mashup of styles for the character. It has good bulk too, and every time you think of Spidey facing off with the Lizard he's usually alot bigger, at least for me, I grew up reading Torment and Todd Mcfarlane's run.
    I think the new retro card Lizard is also really good for its articulation, two different heads, tail wire, etc. I think its a really good option for these reasons, and most likely it is objectively best lizard, but for my tastes I still love the BaF.

  7. Yeah bro take self-care time, we'll be here when you're u get back, I completely agree about the lizards I just need to find one

  8. I actually bought the baf too cause I like to think that he gets monsterously big after another experiment. just like the baf sandman and retro. my little head cannon thoughts

  9. Hey Shartumis would you be willing to sell the BAF lizard since you don’t like it? I’ve always wanted it and is interested in it.

  10. 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚🦎💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  11. The BAF is still my favorite by far. I just think it looks fantastic.

  12. Lizard: Whether I'm an Iguana, A human reptile or a Dino man, one things for certain…IM AN AWESOME ACTION FIGURE!!
    Us: DAMN RIGHT!!!!

  13. The new lizard figure is my favorite figure🔥 it’s classic🔥

  14. What the new one lacks in paint the toybiz one lacks in movement,i love the toybiz lizard but this new one may be my favorite and i havent even opened it yet the BAF just doesn’t look good to me at all.

  15. To me the best way to do the lizard would be a mix of the baf and the new one

  16. Count me in for wanting a more Todd Mcfarlane inspired Lizard figure for modern times. That take on him is among his most iconic designs in Spider-Man history so I'd be surprised if ML doesn't eventually revisit it.

  17. Closest thing to the Todd McFarlane is the Marvel Select Lizard.

  18. Could I buy off your baf lizard if you don’t want it anymore?

  19. Wishing you and the Family well. Take care of them, we'll be here when you're recharged.

  20. I like the BaF a lot, not as a comic reference but as like a final mutation look. In my head it goes human Conners, new retro Lizard then the BaF all as the same character in various forms of transformation.

  21. I like the BaF Lizard more imo because it actually looks monstrous and scar. It's bog and the head I honestly don't care. I think the head is fine, it even almost looks like a new movie lizard of it's own.

    The retro one I don't like at all imo, I get it's supposed to look like the comics, but it doesn't really stand out to me by how small he is and goofy looking the head sculpt is.

    Retro Lizard doesn't even look like the lizard anymore that's The Reptile

  22. Shartimus, you're off your mark this time. The new retro lizard bites poop. It's stupid looking and the BAF version is far far superior. Regrettably i bought two of these retro's.

  23. I have a different version of the tod mcfarne one you pointed out and it looks awesome but there is no articulation which sucks

  24. Theres also a Hasbro Iguana Lizard with the soft goods a few years ago…

  25. Appreciate the dedication man thank you for providing us a thorough comparison on these lizards. Also rest up man u deserve it!

  26. I was really hoping they’d build upon and improve the BaF lizard for the retro card, especially since they did it with the BAF rhino. Like was hoping for fixed knees, new cartoon accurate head and a bendy tail. But the new lizard figure does look dope and can’t wait til mine arrives.

  27. Toybiz will always have the best paint apps. There's no point in comparing Hasbro to Toybiz when it comes to paint apps, anymore. We won't see that level of paint again.

    My preferred Lizard is still the BAF because I loved Bachalo's Lizard story in Amazing Spider-Man. I don't like the "first appearance" Lizard head on the new version. At all. The other head is OK, but still not my perfect Lizard. This is what makes this hobby so enjoyable and infuriating. Everyone has a different "perfect" version of these characters.

  28. Hopefully they will offer the other lizard again down the line. The Toybiz lizard and the new Hasbro one look almost similar. I had the Spider-Man line lizard too. Not sure we’re it went.

  29. I also prefer the BAF. I like the fact that most Spider villains are dorky or dumb but actually frightening. And that baf Liz does it good. Ok, it needs a few tweaks to be perfect, like a cloth coat and a shaving of the plastic in the knees. But a lot of other ML figures do too, so it's fine by me

  30. I think the BAF is decent sculpt-wise but I agree, the articulation is so limited and it really hurts the figure (not to mention that awful tail). Personally I think the new Lizard is perfect in depicting his classic Ditko look, not to mention the articulation is perfect with pinless joints and modern engineering. People who don't care for the retro head sculpt obviously haven't read those comics to care enough it seems. In this regard, it's currently my most favorite of the ML Lizards we've gotten.

  31. I've only had that Spider-Man Classics McFarlane Lizard. I love the McFarlane design, but as soon as they announced G1 Lizard I was hyped. If they weren't gonna make a new McFarlane Lizard then I'm more than happy they went the silver age route!

  32. if hasbro fixed the design problems with the baf it would be a banger

  33. will you go back around and finish the controller baf wave after your break?? I've really been looking forward to you checking out the herald thor.

  34. I grew up watching Spider-Man TNAS (MTV) and I had no idea they made a Lizard figure from it! Now it's a grail for me because it's insanely expensive. Watch the show once it's on Disney Plus on October 20 btw!

  35. I like the ToyBiz one but I don't have it and probably won't find a good one.

    I don't like the BAF one. Don't have it and likely never will not only cause it's too expensive but also cause I hate the dinosaur head.

    To me the recent released is great but the runner up would be this Walmart one here:


    Sure the articulations are limited (arguably frustrating) but it looks awesome it is very cheap – cheap enough you wouldn't mind to go and try to customize and put in some articulations in it which I did and I would never buy another Lizard if it weren't for this recent release.

    Here's how I done it if anyone's interested:

  36. I definitely like the Dinolizzard and can you please do a hight comparison with Dc Mafex and Mattel action figures for me especially between Superman Returns action figure to Mafex and Mattel Batman Dark Knight trilogy action figures.

  37. Agree with your preference for the Todd McFarlane design, that's my mind's eye of the Lizard, has been my whole life. That said, I like most of my Marvel Legends to be as classic as possible, especially my Spider-Man villains, so the 60th Anniversary version is pretty much perfect for me.

  38. Remember Family always comes first!!! I agree the third one should have had a fabric coat on that way he could stand straight, but hey cant complain

  39. I prefer the Marvel Select Lizard 🦎🦎 personally ☝️😎

  40. There’s really no need to debate. If you like the Ditko/Romita Sr. version of the character (which I do), then the new one is perfect. If you like a more modern version then the BAF is perfect for you.

  41. I prefer the BaF myself. The new retro one looks like lizard henchmen to me lol.

  42. The retro card one working as a Ditko Lizard as well an an animated sereis/Mark Bagley-esque one seals it for me, first lizard that I've bought since the Toybiz Web-Force one way back when 🤣

  43. I'd agree with the Ditko one. The dinosaur head on the BAF doesn't really suit the design at all.

  44. Marvel really need to do better! The toys are too little, too bad necca or McFarland toys don't make them so they can be larger and a better quality overall

  45. It almost gives me sort of a genuine panic attack of frustration thing thinking about how close we are to a perfect Lizard, but constantly falling short in frustrating ways instead.

    I want a huge Lizard the size of the BAF Lizard, but with:
    – ankle pivot at the toes
    – knees that can be straightened
    – bendy wire tail
    – McFarlane style head
    – Spider-Man:TheAnimated Series style head
    – articulated jaws
    – alternate hands
    – a better torso that can stand up straight and has modern articulation
    – pinless joints
    – a color of green between the Retro Lizard and the BAF Lizard
    – the Neogenic Recombinator

    Do that as a Deluxe, and I'll EASILY pay $45.

  46. Just got mine today and I absolutely love it more than the BAF, I do agree about the clawed hands tho definitely wish he came with those

  47. Thanks for the comparison
    And all you can do is stay positive

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