We Became MILLIONAIRES in Roblox (Tycoon)

⭐️ We Became MILLIONAIRES in Roblox



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  1. You can tell slogo is not having fun playing this

  2. This is what you get for playing in a public server 🤣

  3. "Let's take a moment to acknowledge his dedication in paying an editor, contacting his friends, and putting significant effort into creating his content."

  4. Can you please do more trail maker videos and let me be in one of them

  5. First time Ive logged onto slogos channel in like a year and all thats changed is the fact that josh has a beard growing lmao

  6. Can we appreciate how much they put into there videos

  7. I love the way there are so many supporting people in our world 😊

  8. I just saw 3 bots in the comments

    Man what happened to youtube

  9. Everytime i see an interesting video from you, I watch like 5 videos in a row accidentally

  10. I love Slogo I stalk him
    I’m out side his window right now

  11. Make this the top comment
    Bring back Minecraft servers

  12. Can we just take a moment to appreciate how much alot of effort he put into these videos? It's unbelievable, and I think they deserve a lot more than that! 💝💝

  13. It’s a coincidence that I completed this game 😂 and ur content is great keep up the good work ❤❤

  14. You both were millionaires but you were richer😎

  15. I sent u a freind reqeust pls accept I am big fan

  16. Can you guys play with Crainer for another time

  17. Cool my friend and you are the best in the world 👍

  18. Those who found this comment early,just have a very good day❤

  19. Josh I love your content but I am not going to lie I like Minecraft more than roblox

  20. You should play 5he survival game and invite y our fans

  21. I love your videos, josh/slogo! I've been watching you since I was 4. I'm amused to see you still up and willing to make videos for us all to watch. I love the amount of effort you put into each and every video you make. I do hope that person stops "yeeting" you across the map 🙂 Good day everyone!

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