Upcoming Board Games – Crowdfunding: October 2022 (2nd half)

Tantrum House
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Kevin talks about a bunch of board games launching on Kickstarter, Gamefound and Backerkit October 2022.

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Oct 18 20 Strong
Oct 18 Race to the Raft
Oct 18 Destinies Witchwood
Oct 18 Barbarian Kingdoms
Oct 18 Oathsworn Into the Deepwood 2nd Printing
Oct 18 Trench Club Legacy
link for more info
Oct 18 Oceans expansions (solo expansion/fantasy expansion)
Oct 18 Escape from New York
Oct 18 Spirit Island expansion
Oct 18 Trick Shot 2nd edition
Oct 20 Pampero
Oct 20 Black Mold
Oct 25 expansion for Hidden Leaders, Forgotten Legends.
Oct 25 Tesseract
Oct 25 The Queen’s Dilemma
Oct 25 Artisans
Oct 25 Masterminds Heist Society
Oct 25 Cosmoctopus
Oct ?? Tabriz


  1. The Thinning Veil fantasy horror dungeon crawler with insane mini's. Coming oct 31st, surprised not more are talking about it!

  2. Thanks a lot for talking about "Artisans", we are so excited for the launch ! People who could ty it at Essen really enjoyed, we hope yo will enjoy it too !!!!!

  3. There’s an expansion for Coraquest coming out in October as well 🙂 looking forward to that, and to Queen’s dilemma!

  4. I'm looking out for cmon CDMD and Deep Madness

    I just finally played my all in of Cthulhu Death May Die and like I figured I love it.

  5. Great video. You mentioned that Destinies is a 1-3 player game. Not sure if something has changed in the expansion but I own the original Destinies and it is a 1-4 player game. In the 4 player game, it is 2 v 2. I have played the 2 v 2 on numerous occasions.

  6. Some good games. I am trying to cut back on KS, but I did enjoy Destinies so will probably back that one. Aegean Sea by Carl Chudyk is launching on Oct 25th, I believe.

  7. Damn this month will be tough. I have Pampero, Spirit Island, and Zoo Tycoon on my watchlist. After hiatus of backing for 2 years, time to back in it again. Late Pledges, here we go!

  8. Great video but you missed one interesting game. At the end of October the KS to Zoo Tycoon will start.
    I saw the prototype at Essen and talked to the designer. The game sounds really cool and has a lot of good ideas.

    It is certainly worth a look.

  9. I def want to see the Isle of Cats new game.

  10. Tesseract looks very interesting to me and I want to learn more about it. Somewhere I saw that Mapping the World from Paper Plane Games would be coming to Kickstarter in October, but I can't find any dates when I look now so it will probably be November or December.

  11. No crowdfunding game for me, but Pre-ordered Lacrimosa, Woodcraft and Tiletum after Spiel in retail. 🙂

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