Types of Minecraft Servers

Which one of these is your favourite? lol

Types of Minecraft Servers… hope you enjoy! Please subscribe, like and comment, it would really mean a lot!

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Want a high quality affordable minecraft server? go to and use promo code: Electy for 25% off your first month with any of their gaming related services! I used bisect for this video and the 4GB server I used was easily capable to run a modpack with 200 mods! I would recommend you get a 4GB server if you want to play with friends, and a higher ram server if you intend on making a public server.

Types of Minecraft Servers… or Every Minecraft Server Ever… or Minecraft Server Stereotypes… the sequel to Minecraft Servers be like… hope you enjoy!


  1. imagine the only thing you get from mining clay blocks is paper money instead of a clay ball, it's gonna destroy the economy of the server (if that existed) 💀

  2. 3:24 Those were kits, the squid kit costs 1000 wins or 5 dollars, and the diamond kit costs 8706 wins or 50 dollars

  3. type awesome on the video it changes the color of the length bar

  4. The texturepack that deletes itself when you interact with anything. Wow.

  5. I carried the entire video 😎😎😎😎

  6. I like how you just casually god bridged 😮

  7. “I can’t believe there’s no one else left on this server” Herobrine in the background be like 🤫

  8. Why did i actually try to go to that link

  9. i like how steve was in the empty server and the house that you build that someone exploded was in empty server

  10. Is mr best a hacker or is he just in creative mode all the time

  11. Bruh joining every type of server to tell us about them

  12. I found Steve behind electy in the 'empty server'

  13. Btw we don’t have bots here comments can be normal

  14. Hey electy there is a big problem on the server every one is spawn trapping and the mods are doing nothing

  15. I wish u become a massive youtuber, I really love ur videos, they r very funny 😂😊❤

  16. did anyone else see herobrian at the end of The Empty Server

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