Top 10 Disney Fails, Ride Breakdowns & Malfunctions Pt 9 – Walt Disney World & Disneyland

Have you ever gotten stuck on a Disney Ride? When your Disney ride breaks down? Well, today get ready to explore ride breakdowns & malfunctions from Walt Disney World in Florida, Disneyland in California & Disneyland Paris. From ride evacuations and in-show exits to lights on ride-throughs, get ready for a behind-the-scenes look at some iconic Disney rides. This includes Disney rides like Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind at Epcot, Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast at Disneyland Paris, Splash Mountain & Pirates of the Caribbean at Magic Kingdom, Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios & Grizzly River Run & Monsters Inc Mike & Sulley to the Rescue at Disney California Adventure! DON’T FORGET TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!*** ► ◄

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  1. The editing on the splash mountain bit was nuts!!! Spooky lol I was way too stoned for that

  2. Our ride sort of went off track a little bit, on the same area as the pirates of the carribean ride

  3. I haven’t experienced an in show exit

  4. Amazing video love it so much guys

  5. I once had an in show exit on Winnie the Pooh ride at Disneyland it was a long time ago but I didn’t take video but I was in Winnie the Pooh birthday scene and then the ride stop and the work lights came on and we had an in snow exit

  6. I remember getting stuck on the pirates ride. I front of the cannon ball scene. Took a while but they got the ride going again. Didn’t catch it on video.

  7. The splash mountain clip reminded me of the splash mountain creepy pasta that's been circulating youtube for a few years lol

  8. Pirates broke down when me and my family went on I twice once at the magic kingdom as soon as we got in the boat we were stuck for 2 minutes, and this past July at Disneyland we were stuck on pirates near the end of the ride and we were stuck for an hour . We were able to get to the end of the ride but then the boats kept moving back and fourth and got an in show exit , and everyone behind us was clapping and my mom and sister didn’t know why they were clapping lol .

  9. can you do that thing where you show what the parks added throughout the years this time can it be to 2022

  10. you definitely just made that fact up about the Monsters Inc ride being the only one in disney to have a bathroom scene because Journey Into Imagination has the upside down bathroom scene.

  11. Wearing the mask is bull crap so screw the mask anyway oh thank you TPM❤

  12. we got stopped on buzz temporarily, didn't get an in show exit but they didn't turn off the blasters so we where able to get the highest score possible and got stickers for it lol is it a bit cheaty? yes. do I care? no lol

  13. I never experiencing that before some people get all the luck on these things but not me no sorry I do not have that experience

  14. I remember in the early 2000s my family went on GRR and we had to be “rescued” lol. Quiet the experience!

  15. Hey! I’ve wanted to say this as a recommendation. You should post about Disney land when you have some time!

  16. I have tons of those videos Cuz because I love Disney

  17. I shared my video and it didont show ☹️

  18. When I went to Epcot a year ago we broke down on Remys ratitoie adventure and we’re stuck in the first scene for about ten minutes then went through the ride with the show lights on and no sound but I didn’t record it but it was very cool

  19. One time I rode the entire Indiana jones adventure: temple of the forbidden eye at Disneyland but the audio was missing but our ride didn’t stop so I just rode the entire ride but without the epic music. I would submit it but sadly I didn’t catch it on camera

  20. TPM, I love your "Wildest Ride in the Wilderness" voice!

  21. That will be the best thing of my entire life if I keep watching breakdowns video I wish that can happen to me in the evacuation in my life

  22. I went on Millennium Falcon smugglers run, and it went completely black and Hondo Onacka started yelling at us and we had to get out and use a secret elevator. 😂

  23. I ❤ this also I got stuck in river rapids for like 30miners and then we had to keep bumping into the cart ahead of us.

  24. I really want to see what Splash mountain looks like with literally nothing on. No water, no lights (except for work lights), no music, and no animatronic movements.

  25. So when I went to Disney land my mom and sister wanted to go on the little mermaid ride and when we were on it it broke down 3 or more times! and i think I jyxned us😅

  26. Hmm the monster’s inc. ride me and my family went on Valentine’s Day this year the ride broke down and we were near the end of the ride we are just near Roz animatronic and this part of the video about it doesn’t say the date I think but I wonder is it the one we went on Valentine’s Day or different day that is similar like that maybe?

  27. My ride actually stoped in front of Zerg on this ride it was pretty cool

  28. In Christmas, Me and my family went to Disney land, after we went into few rides, we went to star wars ride, The part were you can fly in the spaceship, Chewbacca was doing his normal sound until 1 second the screen froze and chewbacca sounded he was losing his voice, I couldn't hold my laughter, God it was so funny lol

  29. Oh well, if this isn't my good old Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast ! Even as a cast member, it was kind of fun to evacuate the ride circuit (not the queue though). And guests were always pretty chill about it as they were more looking at the props and all, and it was less boring for them to wait (even if it still was).
    On the other hand, evacuations on Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin are plain boring, and very long, I fear the day I'll have to evacuate Parachutes Drop (and I hope it never comes, it would be a nightmare) or Cars Road Trip.

  30. Let’s hope we all get a prize if the comments get turned off because of some kids’ faces showing up.

  31. Hi TPM once in april of 2022 i was on peter pan in Disney land Paris and it malfunctioned and we waited on it for about an 1 hour. We were high up so they had to get a ladder and get us down lol.

  32. One time Aerosmith broke down in Hollywood studios in Disney World and I got stuck right before the 2nd loop

  33. And also another time on splash Mountain the whole ride stopped and we had in-show exit

  34. Almost all of magic kingdom went down on Monday when I was there because lightning struck something that supplied power to the park. Unfortunately I was only on the very beginning of carousel of progress so all that happened for me was the theatre didn’t rotate and the audio kept looping until we were eventually escorted out after the work lights came on. However almost every ride went down so I’m sure there are lots of more interesting videos of breakdowns and in show exits from that day though!!

  35. at 4:50 that pic of figment was a jump scare we deserved a warning

  36. My mom and I got stuck on Pirates at that exact location. It was a little miserable at first, because they kept trying to restart the ride, for about 30 min. So, we got REALLY sick of “A Pirates Life for Me.” 😂
    We eventually got evacced, but I still have a little PTSD with that song. 🤣

  37. The best, weirdest, and scariest part of this entire vid is that, right in the middle of it, the screen on my iPad when blank, went back to the Home Screen, then the message, “You Tube has shut down temporarily , it will resume shortly”, showed. I went back into You Tube to continue.

  38. I have been to Disneyland since I was 4 years old, 60 years ago. Not once have I ever been on an attraction that broke down, where I had to be escorted off.

  39. Guess what Mickey and Minnies runaway railway is coming at Mickey’s tune town and I like to see what’s right there and how big the animatronics are and experience a breakdown

  40. I've always wanted to see what the mechanic looked like for Marlin and the Angler Fish

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