Top 10 Disney Fails, Ride Breakdowns & Malfunctions Pt 9 – Walt Disney World & Disneyland

Have you ever gotten stuck on a Disney Ride? When your Disney ride breaks down? Well, today get ready to explore ride breakdowns & malfunctions from Walt Disney World in Florida, Disneyland in California & Disneyland Paris. From ride evacuations and in-show exits to lights on ride-throughs, get ready for a behind-the-scenes look at some iconic Disney rides. This includes Disney rides like Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind at Epcot, Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast at Disneyland Paris, Splash Mountain & Pirates of the Caribbean at Magic Kingdom, Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios & Grizzly River Run & Monsters Inc Mike & Sulley to the Rescue at Disney California Adventure! DON’T FORGET TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!*** ► ◄

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  1. 6:53 in my nightmares thats when the water comes rushing back in…. 😬

  2. Not an exciting in show exit, but on my most recent Disney World trip I was at the gates to get into the car in Space Mountain when the show lights went on and we all got evacuated. Not a huge surprise but it was a bit crazy knowing the boarding and unboarding stations are literally a room apart.

  3. Even after coming back to the channel after a while, the moon on journey to imagination with figment still haunts me

  4. If Disney wasn't so stupid expensive I'd go there and see if I could catch an in-show exit lol

  5. I got stuck for about ten minutes on haunted mansion and we rode seven dwarfs mine train without the sound at Disney World, we alerted the cast members and never got a fast past though, and i discovered this channel and started binge watching these videos after that, and now I wish I would’ve recorded those incidents, but next time I go I definitely will be ready to record any breakdowns or malfunctions!

  6. Ahh that was us on the pirates break down with the guy that recorder that. That whole experience sucked and you would be so surprised how hot it gets I. There when everything is off

  7. So sad I've never been part of a breakdown, just the usual pausing of Haunted Mansion/Phantom Manor while they let someone with differing mobility needs onto their doom buggy. I'm going to Disneyland and DCA in a month or so, so fingers crossed!

  8. On Nemo it looked like you’re going to get slapped by the arm that the fish is on

  9. Number 3 looked better with all the lights on as you could see all of it together which looked very impressive.

  10. got stuck under the squirrles in the laughing place at magic kingdoms for upwards of 45 minutes. my dad got a chain of we will rock you going as multiple boats stacked behind us. but the eventually turned the laughing place music off but the animatronics kept going so all we heard was click click click in time with the music. eventually they got us going again but its been over 10 years and i still have the laughing place stuck in my head from time to time.

  11. Funny story: I recognize everyone in the Pirates video so I believe that may have been a day I was working. I was in Adventureland Custodial and the ride was down for at least half of the day. I stopped to say hi to the Pirates crew and they had a cardboard boat out front with a script book to give me “Pirates Abridged”. IT WAS HILARIOUS! All of them came together to deliver the best performance of their lives from some of them meowing like cats to them holding a tape dispenser like the keys at the end to them debating who would play Jack or the barrel he was hiding in to them asking me to “remain seated”. It was the greatest experience I’ve EVER had at Disney World and I’m sad I was working and couldn’t record it lol.

    The Pirates team is the BEST!!

  12. I’ve never broke down on a ride or never got an end show exit

  13. 13:33
    Do the boats actually completely float or do they have like a wheel on a guide rail?
    Because if there's no contact to anything but water pushing them isn't that difficult really.

  14. I did I was on Star Wars rise of the resistance and the screen wasn’t working it just froze but then boom 🤯 the ride finally was fixed.

  15. I was on smugglers run and then all of a sudden we came to a stop and a cast member said please remain seated 🪑 in your vehicles until your milanium falcon will be on and legit the falcon was on and it was something that I’ve never seen in my life.

  16. Cosmic Rewind on a ride malfunction video?! that's unusal.

  17. I Remember when I was in Magic Kingdom and I was scared of the Buzz Lightyear ride

  18. I live how the dudes first thought is submitting the video to you

  19. I remember the in-show exit on grizzly river run, it took like an hour to drain the water. My mom was just texting my dad "Oh my god we broke down" over and over and then they escorted us out and walked down some stairs and that was that.

  20. I had an in-show exit with my dad on splash mountain in Florida, but we didn’t’ film it

  21. I rode the Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind on opening day

  22. I wonder if Disneyland dose an event where they put on lights on every attraction to show the behind the scenes

  23. Roommate and I were at California Adventure last week and were on the Grizzly River Run when it was stopped. First stop was as we were climbing aboard the raft; lots of slow movers, myself included. Second stop was at the second drop; we were third in line to go over, but there were many people on the ride at that time. The final stop was right at the end of the ride just before the water wheel; we were stopped for several minutes, listening to the exiting procedure along with the usual "the ride has stopped, please wait while we get it running again" spiel that gets announced in these situations. Also, for anyone wondering about the Ariel animatronic in the "Part of that World" scene, it still looks cursed. A.k.a., perfect for Halloween.

  24. Did you guys know, in Disneyland Paris’ Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, 9-Eye from The Timekeeper is still inside the building! He is right next to Boxobot. For any of you that don’t know, The Timekeeper in Disneyland Paris got replaced by Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast. Quite a fun detail that they left in.

  25. They should fix their rides and stop breaking down like that I mean looks fun to ride

  26. I once broke down on Soarin Around The World at DCA but I didn’t have a phone yet so I couldn’t take a video. Love your content TPM

  27. I broke down on Winnie the Pooh last time I was at Disneyland and had to be walked off. I recorded almost the whole thing, but sadly it’s way too boring to submit. My car was in the exit tunnel when we stopped, so nothing to really see. Oh well, was still super exciting for me, cuz I’d never had an in-show exit before!

  28. What happens to the mobility challenged people who can't do stairs and need their wheelchair for any walked area.

  29. I was at Disney last summer and the gardians of the Galaxy ride broke down right where the big bang was supposed to hit

  30. Kinda eery when you remember the rubber outfits aren’t just to prevent cast members from getting wet but also electrocution

  31. I remember being on Rise of the Resistance at Hollywood studios. The ride broke down for a few seconds, but they played it off so smoothly, I'm not even mad. The guys guiding us through the ship have a special audio that goes like this:
    Droid: "Beedo Beep!"
    Guy: "What do you mean you're out of power?!"
    Droid: "Beepdity Beep Beep!"
    Guy: "Good idea! try using your own power to fuel the transporter!"
    And then the ride started up again after a short minute. How do I know? My dad rode the ride twice, once with us and once alone while I was dropping a droid off from Droid Depot with the rest of the family. He told us he didn't hear that audio again, so we all assumed the ride had broken while we were on it, or someone elderly or handicapped was just getting transported. Just goes to show how Disney can sparkle in some detail fro quick hiccups.

  32. Expect some more submissions of splash mountain animatronics being broken, probably the entire boat at the end eventually. They are not repairing the animals anymore because of the refurbishment that will make it princess and the frog

  33. Always love how Disney guests claim those breakdowns are the best things to happen to them ever, but then demand a free fast pass before they leave. Meanwhile, when a ride breaks down at a Universal park they ask for their entire vacation to be refunded, but then again those are typically guests wearing Disney gear. 😂

  34. I was recently walked off toy story mania in Disney land CA got to go behind the scenes

  35. Can you please put mine in the next video pls! I sent it in April and it was the little mermaid ride

  36. The only time I remember a ride stopping was the 7 dwarfs mine train. It was in the cave next to where sleepy is taking a nap in a hammock. The ride started again a few minutes later. It wasn't an in show exit.

  37. I got breakdown but the rides where continuing

  38. When I was at Universal on the Hogwarts ride, the light had to be turned on during the dementor scene. That’s when my friends and I realized that we were around 20 feet off of the ground. Luckily (or unluckily) they didn’t have to have an exit

  39. i have never been to disney land before but one day if we do no matter what ride it will be i got my mom prepared and video it😂 it will be a dream come true for me. unless the ride is, a small world😳

  40. 8:42 – That train stopped on a brake run. That is not good! All of the BTMRR coasters are designed to stop on the Lift Hills as necessary to keep spacing, but there are brake runs for emergencies. The problem is that since the Coasters are not actually designed to be stopped and started on the brake runs, so if the brake runs are used the ride cannot be automatically restarted. It HAS to be evacuated and manually reset by cast members. It was even more interesting to be to note that the preceding train had stopped on the lift hill right around the corner from where the POV train stopped. Given that the ride had stopped itself, not a cast member, I get the feeling that for some reason those two trains got too close to each other which is what resulted in the automatic e-stop.

  41. So I was also at a guardians of the galaxy ride as well and someone threw up on the ride so my family and I was stuck at the first preshow area for 30 minutes so when the doors open everyone cheered and my family was the first people to get on the ride after that cleaning session

  42. I miss the park hopper videos. Can you make some more?

  43. Reminds me of when I went on Figment back in January. The ride is in such bad shape, there was no audio at all during the sound scene as Figment just creepily pantomimed

  44. 🤨👽🤨☠🐖🐎🦓🦓🐷🐈🦁🦄🐱🐎🦁🥬🥑🥬🍋🥬🍏🎗🎁🎍🎇🎁🎍🎁🎍🎁🎎🗺🏗🏕🏣🏘🏣🏢🧱🏣🏗🏢🏕🏖🏣🌫🌫🌫🌤🌤🌪🌞🌫🌤🌞🌪🌞🌫🌤☔🌫⛱🌨☔🌤🌪⛈

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