This Working Minecraft Computer, CAN RUN DISCORD

Kiddy Kene
This is how I coded a working computer into Minecraft that is able to run Discord using only command blocks. This was aids

loooooooooooool filler vid filler vid jkjkjkjk I hope you still like it tho. Might have taken me 3 months to make this but uhgghgjhhhhhg new videos coming out soon

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Have a good day 🙂
– Kiddy Kene



  1. As someone who spent quite some time with command blocks back in the day this was awesome to watch because you made it with very begginer friendly commands and that is cool, because I never realised that they can be that OP

  2. how do you not have a million subscribers
    nice video man 🙂

  3. And now without command blocks but with redstone and capable of handling many clients…

  4. can u please run minecraft on minecraft that works correctly

  5. very cool video!! can you make a working giant vending machine with commands?

  6. Is it just me or I didn’t understand any of this 😂😂😂

  7. Try to run real discoard in minecraft with commant blocks (use a mode just to conect to the discoard and be online)

  8. Next step is to make connections between multiple computers.

    AKA essentially making a discord server in minecraft

  9. This is amazing lol, I’m surprised that this was possible with command blocks but minecrafters never fail to amaze me!

  10. /fill x y z x y z block replace air

  11. your explanation of things made both sense and full sense at the same time.
    Amazing video!

  12. bro when you messed up with the keyboard you could have just used /undo

  13. i wasnt expecting to hear a remix of "Girls Generation Gee" here

  14. that "because squares and circles are not the same shape" made me laugh so hard idk why :skull:

  15. I love the Jimi Hendrix in the background

  16. ill sub, so ascend and stop drowning😢

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