The Zombie Movie with No Guns – Train to Busan Movie Review

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Korean zombie movie Train to Busan managed to gain international attention – so what makes the movie so special?

The next episode will be: Heat (1995)

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  1. you guys complain too much, cant go past 10 minutes on these podcasts, moving on

  2. Hey fellas, I’m a huge fan of your show please keep up the amazing work.
    I was wondering if could throwin a couple suggestions if that ok
    The gentleman (my favourite movie of all time)
    Ron’s gone wrong.
    Have a great day

  3. You guys should watch the movie 'Khuda Hafiz'. It's great movie with incredible story and some cool action

  4. It's hard to explain two elderly ladies story, this movie has alot of subtle nods to Korea's modern history starting from independence(1945), to present day. You can say it's a allegory on how Korea developed rapidly(just like a bullet train from seoul to busan) but to achieve that had so many inhumane treatment of factory workers, chemical factories literally dumping shit on evironment etc. Now young generations don't even know these things used to happen in their own country… So I understand people outside of Korea not getting the point of two elderly sisters story. I guess it's kinda like trying to understand a southpark episode without knowing US politics.

  5. Oh hell yeah I watched this so I can listen!

  6. Please watch The Triangle of Sadness. Its hilarious!

  7. No James what if I go to another gun range!! No gun control! (No hot takes, just being annoying)

  8. I didn't know you guys where doing train to busan, but it's pretty entertaining to see one on a movie I watched for the first time 2 days ago

  9. I just rewatched Heat a couple nights ago, let's goooo!

  10. Riley really has lost his damn mind. I'm so sorry for your loss.

  11. Can you please discuss the movie that never existed?

  12. Have u guys seen Kingdom series? Fukn amazing…

  13. Riley, actually rabies is only transmitted by saliva and not by blood. The virus travels into the salivary gland through nerves once your brain gets infected. The blood of rabid animals isn't infectious actually.

  14. I just randomly chose to watch it just yesterday night and wake up today, casually opened YouTube and saw you posted a review of it. I enjoyed this movie and I always enjoy your reviews.

  15. Train can be stopped, they're made to tow stuffs but they must be locomotive meaning they have wheels
    If you have something bit and strong to drag a train then it would work.
    But I think human's body would break first.

  16. Also they don't know how virus spread yet.
    maybe blood got in their body which they were bloody at that point.
    I feel like they though of this as people who watched too many western zombie movies that they think that's the way it is infected.
    Don't use other movie's rules to another movie, they may share some rules but not all of them.

  17. Can we please start getting timestamps on Nitpicks and Now Playing for these videos? Some of us want to skip to the other sections

  18. Not a fan of this movie but I already watched next weeks movie Heat 1995 which was sweet so yeah just watch that everybody

  19. David, I have been watching The Orville based on your recommendation a while back: it rules. Thank you sir.

  20. I've always liked the dying light zombie lore better than last of us, it also just makes way more sense

  21. H E A T

    H Y P E D

    H E A T is in my opinion the best action movie ever made. Easily in my top 20 of all time. I'm so stoked to see what your guys have to say about it.
    Fun facts:
    Michael Mann made the Movie HEAT twice. (Previously made as L.A. Takedown)
    The movie inspired the shooters of the North Hollywood Shootout
    The movie utilized weapons specialists to ensure weapons are depicted accurately.
    The major shootout in the movie is used as an example by the FBI and US Marine to depict accurate bounding overwatch.
    The major shootout took multiple weekends to shoot.
    While they were filming at LAX, the Unabomber had made threats to the airport.
    John Voight's character is based on Eddie Bunker, a criminal-turned-actor who plays Mr. Blue in “Reservoir Dogs". Bunker was a consultant on Heat.
    It's Danny Trejo's first appearance. He wasn't supposed to even be in the movie.

  22. When it comes to Rings of power, if they are attempting to stay as close to the source material,the stranger is more likely to be a Blue wizard and not Gandalf. Gandalf has stated he has never gone to the east (Rhun). However the two blue wizards do. Also Halbrand was hinted so hard he was Sauron throughout the show. The biggest hint was his affinity and interest in blacksmithing. He says his mentor/master taught him all he knows in smiting. His master is Aule. Aule is the Valar who created the dwarves and master of smithing.

  23. Halbrand was the one to retrieve the dagger from Adar. He gave switched the two and gave the dagger to the old man. Also he probably is the one who untied Adar allowing him to escape. You gotta remember that Halbrand was off screen quite a few times in that village and after the eruption he probably wounded himself to the extent where he knew Galadriel would take him to the elves.

  24. As an American, I cherish my right to bear arms. I have two. They're attached to a bear, that I killed with my knife. Thank God it's illegal for bears to carry guns though or that encounter would have gone quite differently. Not that I have anything against bears, my best friend was a bear. I just think it's a slippery slope to give them equal rights to people. You know if bears had guns they'd just use them to rob markets of their salmon and berries.

  25. I feel like the 'violent riot' reporting was some sort of intentional commentary.
    And they did say zombie once in the movie. It was early in the movie when a character was looking at the phone and 'zombie' was like a search term or trending. The camera stayed on the phone screen for quite a bit so it's definitely meant to be seen. Probably not translated in the subtitles tho.

  26. I'd love to see a review for Barbarian if you guys get to feeling spooky

  27. Korea has such a small market in console space, nintendo decided to skip nintendo wiiU. So nintendo wii was technically the only nintendo console selling in Korea till they released switch

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