The Rock Makes Another “Okay” Movie – Black Adam Spoiler Review

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is back! This time in the comic book role he’s been attacked to since 2014 that introduces not only Black Adam himself but The Justice Society including Doctor Fate, Hawkman plus the enemy a guy who’s a demon or something. Despite some positive feedback the general consensus is that it’s fine with some okay action, character beats and a not so invincible jet. This review is from our podcast The Weekly Planet that comes out every Monday which you should check out if you like things that are “okay.”

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  1. Decent movie overall, but brought up WAY too many issues that they then did nothing with. "Stop murdering people… Well, you're a good guy now, so no problem actually". "You've ignored our plight for 20 years… Well, one demon got killed off, so no problem, actually". "No one on earth can stop me… Oh yeah, Superman exists, and could have stopped ALL this in like a minute or two, but ummm… he was on lunch break??" All that ignored just for more punchy-punchy. Kind of a waste, really.

  2. This movie was highly entertaining. Thoroughly enjoyed it. 8/10 and much better than Strange 2 and Thor 4

  3. Fun fact: Sarah Shahi is actually THE MIGHTY ISIS~!

  4. The suit fit Dwayne so snug it caused his balls to turn blue from lack of circulation. In order to avoid this in the future, The Rock immediately began to shave his arrested testicles in an event the movie personnel referred to as "Blue Harvest" which coincidentally enough was the working title for Star Wars.

  5. Please bring back the short easter egg videos for new movies, I miss those 🙁


  7. I would love to see a live action version of the character Wild Cat. Lmao

  8. Recently I’ve been listening to any video with Maso in it in 0.75x speed. I do this because it makes the video last even longer, and also, you guys sound very stoned in the 0.75x version, and it brings nothing but joy to my life

  9. 17:11

    James you have to correct Maso, he forgot to call it what it is in Mr Sunday Movies fashion:

    “they punch for a bit, and then they’re mates”

  10. Okay is the best way I'd describe it. A 6.5/10 movie for me. The critical reviews are just a tad overly harsh in my opinion.

  11. So, they introduce Dr. Fate, played by a great actor, don't utilise him enough, don't give him his own origin movie…


    and then they killed him off.

    Wow, what little interest I had in this has now evaporated. At least paying and watching legit. ☠️Yo Ho☠️

  12. One of the worst parts was the whole sequence of sending him to super prison only to break him out shortly after. then we're supposed to believe an emaciated powerless adam bested all the prison guards in full armor and swam out of the underwater antarctic prison. That whole sequence was so dumb and unnecessary.

  13. I thought it was alright, better than stuff in the past that DC has put out, still room for improvement. The end credits scene kinda justified sitting through the whole movie lol

  14. It’s okay but now he’s not really a bad guy s much as he is an anti-hero. Now if they do Shazam vs Black Adam THAT will be the movie they fight each other and then a bad guy, which despite Mason saying that’s what he wants from a Super Man/Black Adam movie, is a horrible cliché.

  15. Best I've heard to describe his career is "safe and stale" what a massive waste

  16. Funny X-Men in 2000 had a 50 million opening on a 75 million budget so a 60 million opening weekend in 2022 considering inflation is pretty small.

  17. Wasn't expecting Pierce Brosnan's Doctor Fate to be Stu from Mrs. Doubtfire!

  18. I love how they kept Hawkman with hid helmet during fights and interactions. Thor was missing that.

  19. Black Adam was so bland and dumb, but the nap I took during the middle section was legendary

  20. I'm pretty sure she was in hiding and then began searching for the crown when the mercenaries we're getting close to find it. I remember in the movie when they're sneaking back into the capital she literally says they'll find it any day now we cant wait anymore.

  21. 21:2724:59 James is speaking my heart right now! Look, I remember when Rock was a heel. Like there was a time when The Rock was an absolute son of a bitch as a character. But he was SOOOO good at being bad.

    I need the Rock to channel that.

  22. How Black Adam should've ended:

    Adriana: Well, we have our champion, Teth Adam.
    Black Adam: Teth Adam is a bit old fashioned. We need to update the name.
    Adriana: Well, what did you have in mind?
    [Series of stares with the Rock getting the final stare]
    Title card: THE TETH FAIRY

  23. I saw this yesterday and it literally went a million miles an hour. Could barely comprehend anything.😂

  24. Cyclone and Hawkman stole the show for me personally.

  25. "You can see the future you fuckin dumb ass" 🤣

  26. Honestly it's so sad to see how critical the movie industry is. Personally marvel is trash and the movies were so dumb had so many plot holes 🤣 black Adam was straight forward and honest, a big change for Hollywoods predictable agenda (Disney LUL). I was quite refreshed watching it and enjoyed it a lot. It's funny people who say a movie sucks and critics rave it's bad is good, then the movies they rave are the best in the world go so it immediately your missing half your life, are str8 garbage LOL 😂


  28. Imagine your ego being so big you cannot lose in a flipping movie. It's not real Dwayne, it's make believe.

  29. Did this video really need to be the full 50 minutes? That long a video, with just a still image to look at, will not get attract many views to your main channel.

  30. is there a lore reason why black Adam is the rock

  31. -Attack of the youtube copyright bots- says:

    why my comments keep getting deleted

  32. I feel like a superhero movie just being "fine" is the kiss death. Not enough good enough to be bad, just good or bad enough to exist

  33. Who would've thought black adam and Thor this year would be the the most fired up these 2 would get all year lol

  34. Saw a comment saying that this is "a big change for Hollywood's predictable agenda". This movie is just a two hour compilation of cliches and things we've already seen before a million times. If this is the type of movie that people want to see then I guess we do deserve to be blown up by a nuke.

  35. Yea man i loved this movie lol.. Maybe because i’m a Black Adam stan and just was glad to see him on film ? But i liked it a lot.

  36. Everybody is saying “The Rock is the same in every movie” so is every other actor on the face of the planet besides the ABSOLUTE best

  37. The rock does have a banger pain and gain remember!!

  38. Dc just needs to do jlu live action. Watchtower with 60 hero’s

  39. I’m not saying they are Disney shills but after there she hulk review and then watching this I have questions lol.i mean if you can say she hulk had more good then bad but say this is bad idk man .

  40. Rundown is one of Dwaynes very Best, I have To say that Kristopher Walken as the bad guy also elevated it immensly😊

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