The Rock Makes Another “Okay” Movie – Black Adam Spoiler Review

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is back! This time in the comic book role he’s been attacked to since 2014 that introduces not only Black Adam himself but The Justice Society including Doctor Fate, Hawkman plus the enemy a guy who’s a demon or something. Despite some positive feedback the general consensus is that it’s fine with some okay action, character beats and a not so invincible jet. This review is from our podcast The Weekly Planet that comes out every Monday which you should check out if you like things that are “okay.”

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  1. Rundown is one of Dwaynes very Best, I have To say that Kristopher Walken as the bad guy also elevated it immensly😊

  2. Could we say the rocks performance in the wwe attitude era was his big iconic role akin to the Terminator or Die Hard etc- it's just that it took place within an not entirely different medium- maybe?

  3. Winkler was Atom (who shrinks) Atom Smasher his nephew grows.

  4. Hawkman's famous catchphrase, "Activate infrared!"

  5. Weird question. I avoided the trailers. 26 minutes in mason is talking over James and James says the rock was marking the film under the “something” revel. What revel was he talking about?

  6. The nerd awakened in me enough to mention that Dr. Fate was not inspired by Dr. Strange, its the other way around. Fate has been around since the 40's. The nerd will again sleep.

  7. No, it's a good movie. Go see it. It's very entertaining and has a lot to offer if you are into DC lore. Nth metal, inter gang, etc

  8. In the description it says he's been attacked to instead of attached.

  9. So like what you’re saying is like, that like, it’s like a movie that like, is like, in terms of like, a superhero movie is like, a super like, hero like, movie? Like?

    I’m changing your names to Dude and Becky.

  10. Lets get real it was a very expensive remake of Kazaam…

  11. I thought it was really good. Me and my kids enjoyed the whole movie. I guess everybody has their opinions.

  12. Hawkman is one of the coolest AND stupidest heroes ever. "My armor is indestructible!…I only had enough metal to cover my chest though, so I must take the hardest hits right in an otherwise very vulnerable spot! Hope this thing holds!"

  13. It's not a master piece but Australian woke cows you are it's decent and you know it the let of gbmtq?plus but come on see u next tuesday c@#t

  14. If The Rock's contract doesnt allow him to lose a fight in his movies then unfortunately we will never see Henry Cavil's Superman vs Black Adam…. at least a real fight bc Superman clears

  15. Fun Fact: Dwayne Johnson was originally going to use the wrestling name ‘Blue Harvest’ instead of ‘The Rock’

  16. I went to see this with a friend.
    When the Justice Society figured out the Crown's inscription was backwards and Kandaq's beliefs were that Hell was a mirrored version of Earth he leaned in and said:
    "I thought they didn't have mirrors in ancient Kandaq."

    Funniest part of the movie.

  17. If they wanted it to look like The Rock's head they would have added more veins. Also, where is The Rock's 'Taxi Driver'?

  18. The Adventures of Baron Von Hardcharger says:

    Justice Society of America has SO many awesome characters. I counted 11 of them that could have a shot taking on Black Adam, if you count Superman. Dr. Fate and Hawkman wouldn't make the list, even though they were founding members. I was hoping to see Johnny Thunder or Power Girl do something…

  19. Any movie that heavily features the rock taking part as a reason to watch a movie, is a movie I'll watch on streaming in a couple months

  20. It is funny when people are saying that there is no agenda or wokeness in this movie. There is.
    1. white (European ) occupation of a third world country for its resources.
    2. Black savor freeing his people from these intergang occupiers.
    3. Hawkman is supposed to be white and cyclone is supposed to be a white male.
    why aren't you SJW complainers mentioning these talking points.

  21. Black Adam fights Adam Smasher and doesn’t get smashed, huge plot hole

  22. How insecure do you have to be to have that kind of clause in your contract? Good lord.

  23. BLACK ADAM is irredeemable garbage, ugh

    Worse than MORBIUS

  24. I actually enjoy the movie. I believe all of the big reviewers are being paid to give this movie a low rating

  25. Black Adam is definitely just an ok mid movie. not bad and not great.

  26. The action = fantastic, the story = a bit loose, Dr Fate we want more = we aint getting it

  27. Ngl I wanted to fall asleep when watching this one

  28. When I saw the title on my home page it cut off at black adam s and I thought nooo these guys have not called the rock a black Adam sander that’s not ok 😂😂 love u two

  29. The plot of this movie is essentially Amanda Waller doing what she said she was gonna do in Suicide Squad. Someone whose essentially an unhinged morally questionable superman shows up and she sends a team of super powered people to stop him. The difference here Amanda Waller actually knows wtf she's doing.

  30. Just watched it. I enjoyed it a lot. Fun film.

  31. Just watched it last night. In nearly packed late night showing & it was extremely fun. DCU is alive & well.

  32. that kid was annoyingly terrible and I feel like they had to boost his audio especially during his big climatic scene. Hopefully he get better

  33. James is too gutless to say he hates it haha 😄 he's like it's fine and then tears it too shreds. JUST SAY YOU HATE IT FFS

  34. I'm just gonna be up front and say I didn't figure out that the kid wasn't The Rock until the reveal. I mean, I remember there was that moment where you see the older guy and I thought "that kinda looks like a skinny Rock" But then I just totally forgot about it.

    I feel like the reveal kind of worked for me, and it felt like peeling an extra layer from his character when you realised that the statue he was staring at was his son and not himself.
    I didn't see any of the trailers because honestly didn't care about this movie and went because my girlfriend won $1 tickets. But I ended up enjoying it more than I thought I would.

  35. 14:45 I got the impression that the Justice League had a lot more members, but these were the ones chosen for this specific mission. It gave the impression of like, a larger world where other shit was constantly happening.

  36. Skinny CGI rock isn’t real. He Can’t hurt you.

  37. While listening to maso/ James rant about when will rock do his true lies or terminator type of great movie. I realised that rock has always been attached to projects which were already famous like he started with mummy/scorpion king then he was in fast and furious and then he was in jumanji. All these projects were already famous though adding rock to them did increase both his and the projects popularity but studios still don’t think that the rock is ready for prime time as a sole headliner for a movie even in red notice which wasn’t good he was alongside gal gadot and Ryan Reynolds both of them are equivalently famous to rock. Let’s what future does success or lack of it of black Adam has in store for the rock

  38. I’m honestly surprised that people are giving this movie a pass saying it’s fun. Like I’m glad they enjoyed it, but man if this wasn’t a joke of a movie lol. They literally made the bad guy a devil and then zombies out of nowhere, felt like a superhero movie straight out of 2006 in the worst way possible

  39. The Rock made a video a while ago showing how he and his team rewrote the script this guy is just good at marketing and morons just clamor to him in drones.

  40. When I see "The Rock", I know I can simply go to the movie and I'll have fun. He's money in the bank. He loves his fans and treats them well. I have no idea if he's conservative or liberal.
    The Rock is a class act all the way.

  41. Did anyone else realize that the little boy just went through puberty near the final act

  42. The rock confirmed in a spanish Talk show (i guess thats how we're calling It) that he, indeed, shaves his head

  43. I didn’t dislike this movie but here are the plot holes/lines that were in no way paid off when I left the theater:
    1. The helmet possesses the wielder. Very comic accurate, not at all displayed in the movie. Kent could take that off at a whim and was no different with it on/off outside of his first line.
    2. How did that initial team know each other and why did they want to find the crown?
    3. Why was the main female lead wanted before they found the crown if she wasn’t in possession of anything they wanted and they had already infiltrated her team?
    4. The stuff from Shazam about the council of Wizards making the wrong choice of champion makes absolutely no sense if they clearly made the right choice and the power was transferred to someone else without their consent and without malice.
    5. Why did Intergang want to be in Kahndaq or searching for the crown at all? Why would a gang of mercenaries want hell on Earth, especially if the only one who could control it was someone supposedly outside their organization? What was in it for them outside of money that would be useless if the world ended?
    6. How, in 5000 years, did no one stumble into that tomb? The crown wasn’t even hidden, it was just floating up there that anyone with a ladder could’ve grabbed.
    7. How did they kill the 4th member of the initial team going through the tomb? No one had super powers and the hover bikes hadn’t been invented yet.
    8. What was the point of showing eternium can hurt Black Adam if it’s never referenced again outside of him punching the crown on accident? It felt like it was supposed to be kryptonite 2.0 but it ended up being kind of a nothing thing to stop a fight.
    9. Does the Justice Society work for Waller or was that just a favor? It seemed like they had jurisdiction but they also seemed to have 0 consequences for leaving Black Adam alone at the end.

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