The Rings of Power – Galadriel, The BLACK HOLE at The Center of Rings of Power – Ep 8 COMEDY REVIEW

Our comedy review of the new episode of Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. Did Galadriel learn how to act all of a sudden? Spoiler: no. But will this finale make fans want to tune in to the next season? Spoiler: Probably also no. Has Celebrimbor discovered the secret ingredient for forging the rings of power? Does anyone remember Isildur’s sister’s name? Or even what she looks like outside of her boobs? Who does Galadriel keep borrowing tears from? Can Elendil keep up the EPIC pranks on the blinded queen? Which actors are choosing to dip out after this season? Find out the answers to these questions and many other questions you didn’t even think were worth asking in this episode’s comedy review!

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0:00 – Intro
0:17 – Breakdown
7:43 – Review
10:10 – Review Cont.
10:54 – Outro

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  1. at this point my only reason to watch season 2+ of ROP is to have all the knowledge in time for all the hilarious recaps, reviews, and memes

  2. “Spoilers ahead for the rings of power”Yeah, thats ok.

  3. Iwas like wtf is up with the they/them androgyny dude lady it look so fuckin retarded

  4. TitsMaGee… I'd love to snuggle into those memory glands… But they probably are all sweaty from been so fat. She'd has to wash them everyday .. lol

  5. Elendil and Gil Galad and their armies of men and elves couldn't defeat Sauron and here a dumbass elf woman wants to slay Sauron with a dagger…

    Like really????!!!! 🤔🧐🤔

  6. Oh, well done. They have made the ultimate evil, a spiritual being of terrible darkness and profound destructiveness, second in command to Morgoth, a polite, intelligent, nice looking metal worker/blacksmith, drive to do bad because an elf wench refused to become his queen. This isn't even good Young adult novel quality writing. This whole show is an insult. And yes, Galadriel will be even more insufferable next season. I think I'm going to move far far away.

  7. This is really, really funny! Very enjoyable, thank you!

  8. I hope she doesn't take it personally , its entirely the writers fault and i am sure she is a lovely woman.

  9. I have now seen what she has seen! 😵😵‍💫😵😵‍💫

  10. Galadriels' character is broken and cannot be fixed. The only way they can is by re-casting her with a different actress; different writers!!!!! and start again. My 12 year old niece said "she is really nasty" lol I replied yeah she is the hero apparently. sigh rip it up Amazon no-one will watch season 2 unless you do

  11. I will not watch season two. I didn't make it past episode two of this season. However I will continue to watch all the reviews of this travesty as time goes on. The you tube channels about this crap is by far the best part.

  12. I'm glad you pointed out the pores on Guyladriel's face, I couldn't stop staring at it and was wondering if I was the only one who thought it looked really strange.

  13. Hahaha man, I usually frown upon fart jokes but that one got me.

  14. Just started watching Legend Directors Cut (1985). The first 45 mins of this movie will show you how trash the rings of power is. I was so jacked of for rings of power and its shit. So disappointed. It's makes me really sad.

  15. I couldn't stay awake for this. They really didn't make the rings until the last ep? It's called "Rings of Power" but they didn't really discuss the rings at all in the first ep.

  16. They really missed an opportunity when Morgan Freeman got knifed. The hobbitoids could have chanted in unison "Looks like meat's back on the menu, boys"

  17. The worst thing is they dont even give enough about immersion and continuity to keep galadriel's hair blond in the scenes she is in you can see her brown hair coming trough constantly

  18. God damn just hearing about this makes me want to watch Babylon 5 again.

  19. Season 2 will happen, no doubt, but they sure as heck will try to save budget and avoid 3rd season and following

  20. 1:57 She's drawing his portrait. Yet, she's drawing his left side while sitting to his right side. What a joke.

  21. I must admit; this last episode made me really want to watch season 2 of house of the dragon

  22. you are REALLY good at this — is this your first/only channel?

  23. Oh my. CNN just posted an article and you've got to read it. Believe it or not, they are not taking Amazon's side. No shilling. The Article's title "Amazon's Next Battle: Convincing the world "Lord of the rings" is a rousing success.

    And the article is not kind.

    Here's a snippet: After initial reviews admired the scope and visual gandeur, though, more critical voices have drifted into the naysaying column, pointing out — as the Daily Telegraph's Duncan Lay put it, that the series "managed to be both pretentious and boring."


  24. “…with so many what the fuck moments.” 😂

  25. Laughed out loud multiple times watching this video. Thanks mate. ❤

  26. I hope this channel grows quickly for you!! Lol many times it is extremely rare for me to subscribe in fact I have never subscribed for any channel except for yours! That's how talented I think you are! Hope you won't restrain yourself because of P.C Bulls**t keep it edgey your hilarious a talented comedian keep it coming I think you will be successful!!!

  27. This was so shit I didn’t realize we got our second shot of Aiglos

  28. Hilarious. So well written. Take my like and subscribe, sir!

  29. 😆😆😆😆😆this is the only thing this show is good for, laughing at it

  30. No mention of that horrendous song on the credits? As if to add insult to injury, they took Galadriel's prologue speech from Fellowship and turned it into one of the worst songs I've ever heard…

  31. Hope your channel grows quickly man. Also, I won't be watching season 2. I'll just check out these reviews and laugh for entertainment lol

  32. Best summation I've seen. Never seen such a vapid, jumbled mess of lifted scenes, repurposed dialogue and awful writing. On the bright side everyone will have forgotten about it in mere weeks.

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