The Rings of Power – Galadriel, The BLACK HOLE at The Center of Rings of Power – Ep 8 COMEDY REVIEW

Our comedy review of the new episode of Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. Did Galadriel learn how to act all of a sudden? Spoiler: no. But will this finale make fans want to tune in to the next season? Spoiler: Probably also no. Has Celebrimbor discovered the secret ingredient for forging the rings of power? Does anyone remember Isildur’s sister’s name? Or even what she looks like outside of her boobs? Who does Galadriel keep borrowing tears from? Can Elendil keep up the EPIC pranks on the blinded queen? Which actors are choosing to dip out after this season? Find out the answers to these questions and many other questions you didn’t even think were worth asking in this episode’s comedy review!

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0:00 – Intro
0:17 – Breakdown
7:43 – Review
10:10 – Review Cont.
10:54 – Outro

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  1. So, AmazonGaladriel turned out to be making eyes at Sauron all along.

    She's definitely not the more perceptive Galadriel from Tolkien's canon.

    And I'm guessing the Rings of Power showrunners are going to pull a Amber Heard (again – for the umpteenth time) and INSIST they're being 'faithful' to Tolkien's lore, despite absolutely SHREDDING it..

    I'm kind of at the point where I'm thinking I'm just going to ignore the rest of this series. The canon's completely messed up, the characters are unrecognisable AND unlikeable (after an entire season I don't care about any of them – how is that possible?) and the writing is awful.. And there's no way to undo what's happened. And somehow I'm bored with a 'Middle-Earth' series.

    It's actually a bit depressing that this is the 'best' live action version of the tale of the Second Age we're going to get in my lifetime.

    If someone had told me five years ago that I was going to enjoy a Game of Thrones spin-off far better than a supposed Middle-Earth adaptation, I would have laughed in their face.

    Yet here we are.

    Even with the Star Wars sequel trilogy, I didn't give up on it until the second movie came out.

    But Rings of Power went off a cliff since day one.

  2. What I don't understand is if Galadriel knows Halbrand is Sauron, why did she not link Halbrand's strange enthusiasm and hands-on involvement for creating the rings with his overall plan for Middle-Earth? He escapes and she just decides to continue what they were doing? Why didn't she put 2 and 2 together?

  3. As someone who enjoyed the Trilogy but don't really follow LOTR any more than that, can someone tell me; didn't Galadriel have a Husband?

  4. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 amazing review. This show is complete madness. No Tolkien fan could ever support it.

  5. Ok your review is my favorite, I'm actually laughing at Santa's Workshop, too perfect. Also, the pacing is horrendous, among other things. I went into this show wanting to like it, but afraid. There were so many continuity errors, dropped plot threads, and confusing elements (how did anyone survive that volcano eruption exactly?!).

  6. The only way too tolerate this series is, if you treat it as a dumb down alternative universe.

  7. I decided to HateWatch RoP because my mom is a HUGE Tolkien fan (she rereads his entire works at least once a year, and has done for the last 50 years). There were some nice sets and beautiful costumes, but most of the costumes were atrociously cheap looking or stereotypical. A lot of Fake Deep dialogue. The pacing was awful. Mom was always cringing and bitching about the lore being adulterated and how predictable the story was, but she still wants to watch season 2. The only thing that will stop me from watching season 2 is time. If it takes a while to film and edit and all of that, it might be an "out of sight, out of mind" kind of thing and I won't care about having a snark session with my mom & twitter friends. Who knows.

  8. I have right away subscribed. Pls remember i was among the fist 1000 subscriber

    The funniest part "celebrimbhor farts, which he has been holding for past 400 years"

  9. I would rather fight for Sauron than for this version of Galadriel.

  10. From slim shady to psychotic not hobbits, from volcanoes that pump out cheezo dust and harmless plume to hobo gandalf and karenadriel. I won't miss the journey.

  11. I can't believe how bad this show is! Thanks for the laughs man, I'll keep watching even if this is cancelled in a week

  12. Why do the elves in this series look so fugly? Galadriel looks more masculine than Elrond.

  13. galadriel out of nowhere becoming super suspicious of sauron after previously being 100% trusting and just believing for no damn reason that he's the king of the southlands was really awkward plot development.

    meteor man is absolutely gandalf. they made him sort of discover himself through the fight, and now that he can talk properly, his voice and speech habits aound extremely similar to gandalf in the movies, that's no coincidence (plus of course him dropping gandalf quotes).

  14. thank you for correctly gendering enbynem

  15. recommended watch now its over: terminator the sarah conor chronicles – a show given bad hype and bad reviews thats actually great for true fans of OG terminator (allowing some breathing space). the end is great and there is tons of lore and info about skynet and such.

  16. one of the biggest things I don't understand for the most expensive series ever is how they hired exclusively no-name actors, and generally didn't even manage to find good ones of those. I only liked durin, and I thought elendil was relatively ok, probably good enough for that supporting role.
    why wouldn't they get known good actors, and how did they even manage to spend all that money without actors that could reasonably be expected to be expensive?
    galadriel specifically (morfydd clark) was undeniably miscast. even with bad direction, a good actress would have performed better than this. actors have some leeway, they always personally influence what ends up on screen. for the end result to be this bad, she must have personally fucked up, along with other people. morfydd clark is just not at all capable of carrying a blockbuster show as the main character, it's absurd. just as absurd as letting even more unknown and clearly quite incompetent people direct this show.

  17. I´ve been thinking what´s wrong with this galadriel, and finally I got it: she´s had severe constipation, for thousands of years. I´d be bitchy plank after that as well!

  18. Made up sister is being set up as yet another strong woman..

  19. Many lols were had while flossing before bed. Thanks.

  20. When Tolkien submitted his first draft of LOTR for review, one of the main recommendations was to remove the numerous times he ended a chapter with the phrase;
    "So Galadriel threatened to knife him"

  21. And now, what's the relationship between Sauron and Adar? Adar said that "he killed him", lol.

  22. I hope Sauron and Adar will both win in this series lmao

  23. Who thinks that forge that needed the dwarves help with will be forgotten next season

  24. I don't even have Amazon Prime charging my credit card every month. What do I have to complain about? Let's just say streaming has ruined filmmaking (as others have noted) and leave it at that. You can always find something good to stream, but it's that needle in the haystack, and they charge you for the privilege. I understand that reviewers and bloggers have to pay Amazon so they have content to work with. The few youtube channels that achieve monetization may recoup their bills. I hope they do. This video is generic commentary on the show we all love to hate. Best of luck to you.

  25. “He tells her to touch his darkness” 😂😂😂😂😂 I so fucking lost it there.

    Mostly because that’s an accurate description of what the showrunners have been trying to build up, both metaphorically and literally. Welcome to AO3

  26. Just loving how you open with the "hate watchers." This series will make infamous history and the irony is, ROP will anathematize itself, alas Shall we now sit around the fire and muse sadly on Rings of Power? Our position, "Exsurge Tolkien" (published 25 March 22, and available for review on our channel), remains the most comprehensive analysis (and foreshadowed) of the Anti-Tolkien agenda of the ROP enterprise as declared by the showrunner's own words. We now see what the corporate machine theyocracy has wrought on Professor Tolkien's legacy: heresy, catastrophe, and disaster. Even the most ardent ROP supporters have weighed the show on the scales and found it wanting, "Auta i lóme" and "Aurë entuluva."

  27. Lenny Henry an interesting character?!?!?

    He was aweful; from phenotypical incongruity to pantomime "oirish" accent, he was utter cringe.

    Otherwise a great review; Subscribed!

  28. It’s only when Halbrand starts showing any agency or competence that’s when Galadriel starts getting suspicious 🤔

  29. So much better than the actual episode.

  30. I'm honestly going to miss this show. Watching youtubers dunk on it and She-Hulk have given me hours of good entertainment.

  31. Special shout out to Galadriel for her masterful expression of all 4 emotions.

  32. Omg! Lol..u had me laughing out load for real. Good stuff. This show is so stupid

  33. Best finale since Lost final episode and Happy Days when Fonz jumps the shark!
    I loved the ending!!!! Sauron is revealed and Galadriel puts on her power ring and they go to swords. As she strikes Sauron's sword an unseen power draws them slowly, ever closer, together to merge into…
    GalRon, warrior king/princess! Beautiful way they ended the first season.

  34. These were not emotions, it was a spasm due to the makeup itching after such a long and dull filming…..
    Congrats guys, you’ve just created the most hated series in the entire industry; that’s definitely a task not everybody could’ve achieved
    Btw: this video was hilarious, nicely done!

  35. She is simple appalling. Unwatchable. She's what the left would aggressively label men as 'toxically masculine' if they displayed her awful traits like spite, arrogance, selfishness (trying desperately to leave one of her companions behind in the blizzard when they're 5 feet from her) and rudeness. She honestly acts like she's as far as you can get on the spectrum while still 'functioning'. Captain Marvel was bad, Guyladrrrriel, ruining a wonderful, established character, is truly unacceptable.

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