THE MARINES ARE COMING | William Haines | Full War Movie | English | HD | 720p

When Lt. “Wild Bill” Traynor, boy of the Marine Corps, arrives at a San Diego Marine Base, he is surprised to discover he has been assigned to duty under his old rival, Captain Benton (Conrad Nagel). While eluding the advances of Rosita (Armida), a Latin dancer, Bill becomes involved with Benton’s fiancee, Dorothy Manning (Esther Ralston), whom he quickly wins and Benton accepts the impending marriage.
William Haines – Lt. William ‘Wild Bill’ Traylor
Conrad Nagel – Capt. Edward ‘Ned’ Benton
Esther Ralston – Dorothy Manning
Armida – Rosita Hernández Consuelo Ibera y Buenaventura


  1. Marines do not salute indoors except when under arms.

  2. I think in those days the Corps was too busy in Latin America for these games.

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