The First Punic War – OverSimplified (Part 1) | First Time Watching

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  1. 28:47 As the briefly shown text says, poena cullei ("the penalty of the sack") was specifically a punishment for killing one's parent(s)

  2. 24:09 he totally shut him up,just react n stop pausing to say stupid unnecessary stuff!!!

  3. 22:33 that's actually to some extent a misconception about ancient times, i mean they generally didn't live as long as many today but we tend to think most of them only ever reached their 40's or 50's at best when that wasn't the case, though it depends on which country, culture and time and a few other cases.

  4. We need to more of these Beavis and Butthead bits from you two 😂

  5. This is the worst history reaction on this channel so far…and there were already some really bad ones here. Don't drink and react!I had to stop watching it after ten minutes. It was so bad.

  6. You look like the guy who played Mark Anthony in the series Rome

  7. She is in the house… As compared to what? The Basement?

  8. I think the Roman senate also hesitated to help the Mamertines because the mercenaries stole Messana from their rightful owners.

  9. Lol this guy is drunk, and it's hilarious ahahahah

  10. Can you guys react to therussianbadger tactically nuking mars badger and his friends mention Chicago in there

  11. booze and cocaine before reacting is always fun

  12. Worst reaction ever. Joking and talk8ng over 5he narrator.

  13. Ancient History is always a wild one to read up on.

  14. george carlin said you would pray to the gods for the snake to bite the monkey and the dog to eat the snake. then you would drown with the dog, man best friend

  15. Consuls remained a 1 year term up until the end of the Republic. But while the consuls ruled the entire Roman State their focus was mainly within the city of Rome itself. the outlying regions were essentials vassals and while some might be under direct roman rule it wasn't like the Consul had to tour the land they merely sat at Rome and their decrees were spread out to the rest of the realm. However when things got bad some men would be elected consuls multiple years in a row, something normally not allowed. And as the roman Republic expanded the former consuls were assigned as proconsuls who ruled over the territories they ruled.

  16. Slaver grunts vs merchant sailors. Primitive accumulation vs merchant capital. A unified state against competing businessmen who were constantly trying to avoid paying their taxes. Were the Libertarians right? Did the free market society win? Find out next time.

  17. Kit says ultramar the beefiest boys.

    Salamanders: " let me tell you something Mr kit we dip our hands in literal fire. And plus our father Primarch Vulkan is bigger than. The ultramarines Primarch robot girly man.

    Plus your father hates you he hates the imperium he just wants to roll over and die. At least our father loves us and he still wants to come back but we have to find all of his. Artifacts. "

    Imperial fist: " you say the ultramar and ultramarines are the beefiest of boys look at us look at our bodies fortified and we constantly fortify our bodies we constantly work out.

    The white scars : " we don't need to prove anything to you. "

    Space wolves : " you're joking right. "

    Blood angels: 😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣

  18. Part 2, after they should react to the tf2 series (scratched universe) by Blackimus.

  19. Having studied the Punic Wars two years ago, there's a fun fact on how the Romans managed to reverse-engineer Carthaginian ships so easily: Carthage's arsenal built ships with standardized detached parts and signs/numbers/letters inscribed on them, much like an Ikea furniture piece (that is the exact analogy my history professor used). Once the Romans figured out the system, they copied it, and managed to mass-produce these ships.

    In the interest of intellectual honesty, I couldn't find the source in my notes, so here's one corroborating it:

    "The Marsala ship [A Carthaginian ship found in 1971 off the coast of Sicily, from the 241 BCE Battle of the Aegates Islands] brings us other discoveries: The painted signs on its hull testify (in addition to the fact that this ship was indeed Punic) of a rationalization for mass production: It is not explained otherwise how fast Romans And Carthaginians could arm so many military ships."

    (Naval Encyclopedia – Carthaginian Ships; look it up online, I can't post the link here)

    Regarding the sources, in that class we were taught the three most useful and mutually exhaustive sources were, in order of preference: the "Histories" of Polybus, a 2nd-century BC Greek historian who lived the Third Punic War and was a close friend of Scipio Aemilianus (the Roman general who won that war); the "History of Rome" by Roman historian Livy, who wrote in the 1st centuries BC and AD, with some passages missing; and the "Foreign Wars" of Appian, an Alexandrine Greek writer from the 2nd century CE.
    All wrote from the Roman side and favored them, though Polybus is critical of the Romans when he felt they went back on their word. Polybus is generally considered the most reliable.

  20. Even if sacrificing your child to Ba'al doesn't improve crop yields, you've still got one less mouth to feed. It's a win-win.

  21. 24:55 Nearly spat my drink laughing at that. "One of these things is significantly not like the other!"

  22. You may also react to 1848 year of revolutions by epic history tv.

  23. Good evening, I suggested this a while back, but I would suggest the Siege of Vraks lore series by Janovich. It will cover the Siege of Vraks and the Death Korps of Krieg's campaign against heretics. He has covered several episodes and I think these two could enjoy a Warhammer 40K video (Especially a certain Imperial follower ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

    You might have seen this suggestion earlier, and I am sorry if this gives the impression that I am very impatient. Only do this if you wish and if you dont, I understand.

  24. Aggressive exspansion as a claimed defensive maneuver! Yes doesn’t sound like anybody we know.

    “Cough” “cough” Russia! “Cough” “cough”

  25. Ba'al was similar to another Canaanite diety called Moloch. The statue had fire underneath to heat up the brass hands, and the child was placed on the hands. The children literally cooked to death.

  26. Letsss go! Was waiting for y’all reaction to it lol.

  27. If I remember correctly the Carthaginians actually built their ships with some automation putting numbers and/or symbols of some kind on the individual pieces to make the warships (much like Ikea furniture) so they could be mass produced very quickly (something quite a feat for a nation of that time) which is why the romans were so quick to reverse engineer the Carthaginian quinquereme and related naval advancements.

  28. I enjoy this but bro you paused it like 6 times in first 2 mins. You missed a lot by talking over it. Other than that. Good stuff!

  29. Cheers for the video Kit & Kira from Australia and Kira keep on being you your hilarious 🤌

  30. The average life expectancy is somewhat misleading when it comes to ancient times, for example in medieval Europe it was only something like 20 years old, however this doesn't mean people reached 20 and just croaked. Most adults lived into their 50s-70s, the reason the average life expectancy was so low was due to infant mortality which skews the numbers. Your chances of dying as an infant or young child was very high, however if you made it past the age of 14 generally you survive to be much older.

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