The Acolyte does pronouns, but YouTubers to blame for Star Wars collapse? | MEiTM #576

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  1. The only way disney can unfuck star wars would be a lot of back breaking work , they would need to annouce on the same day that they say the fucked up bad and want to do right by star wars fire all the lucasfilm idiots ruining it , and also they show there serious reclassify all the shit they did since buying it as SW myth or legends right in there titles

  2. We are in a real life star wars with Disney and big corporations like them are Empire and us that stand up against them are the Rebel Alliance

  3. Lol the problems with the pronouns is that you know the agenda especially associated with the acolyte. (Gayest stsrwars show ever) and they just got it in there to drive it home how socially aware they are. It all matters and its all a disgrace.

  4. Whats wrong with pronouns in space? How would you refer to people that you want to talk to? I dont understand.

  5. We all know that Zipper mouth is the Zabrack witch mom. This show is so godawful.

  6. Flip City is just as cringe as the "woke" stuff.

  7. HAs anyone received anything from Flip City? I wrote to them and never got an answer. I paid a subscription for nothing.

  8. 15:07 🤯 An Anomaly: "We didn't formally introduce [the topic], but we just started with it, so let's just continue." – How unprofessional 😅! 😉

  9. uhhh…. where's SIX been? where'd she go? did she not agree with Tom on one of his comments or something? did she give Tom pushback or provide common sense on one of his opinions? i mean, that'll usually do it….

  10. and I'm going to need a more credible source for "exposed insider information" than freaking James O'Keefe…… lmao. he's about as credible as reading a "breaking story" on that park place…. pluh-eese.

  11. 27:18 Of course they hide the "spiky-haired girl with the British accent, with the orange eye make-up [British spelling]" ie. Dafne Keen [a Brit/Spanish] behind heavy make-up, because in publicity and social media, she celebrates her exotic, very feminine and adult (she's 19) beauty—that simply cannot be allowed!
    Aside from Logan (2017)—where too she was fantastic!—Dafne starred in His Dark Materials (2019–2022)—also where she was fantastic!

  12. Paul again demonstrates his lack of value as a commentator. As usual he says we shouldn't make a big deal about something that is a major tenet of leftism being injected into Star Wars. We will make a big deal about it. We're not going to constantly surrender ground. You did that in Canada and look at the results. Then he follows that up by saying Spaceballs and Men in Tights are not funny. Well I certainly won't value his advice on what is funny.

  13. Paul for someone who comes from TV… commercials isn’t how series make money. That makes operational money for a network who didn’t pay the majority of the cost. But ads on broadcast never cover the cost of the show esp not one as expensive as Acolyte. I would think you would know this.

  14. I generally agree with the panel, but I disagree with you that Drinker and Nerdrotic aren’t rage-baiters.

  15. I generally agree with the panel, but I disagree with you that Drinker and Nerdrotic aren’t rage-baiters.

  16. I love the scene when Anakin’s force ghost told
    Osha “may the thread be with they……them….zippy…..slappy….Sand self”

  17. I've been sailing high seas putting in hard work watching this abomination only so I can enjoy the reviews & backlash better.
    I saw the pronoun scene. It was very small, & most would have missed it. But, it was still there and it SHOULD NOT have been there. We're supposed to be a long time ago in a galaxy far far away ffs!!! Why the fck is 2024 identity politics & post modernist language being applied to a fantasy galaxy in escapism entertainment. Its just so effing stoopid!

  18. they use Midnight's Edge because of how much of a lunatic Tom comes across as lol.

  19. 😂😂 Acolyte does sound like the name of a new laxative. "Woke agenda upsets you? Try Acolyte. It's gentle on your stomach."

  20. so even Disney do not understand how RT works. and they own part of it.

  21. Good video. Love watching other "reviewers" eat crow the worse the acolyte gets (not that it was good to begin with).

  22. Least damaging superficially, until you realise they had to completely rewrite a famous character.

  23. Quickly and with style. Andre made an allo allo reference.

  24. It was actually Mauler that came up with the name Smilo Ren

  25. What is he accusing Redlettermedia of doing? I just want to make sure I understand.

  26. All these streaming services have gotten out of hand where the point I said fuck it and cancelled all the ones I had, now I sail the high seas with Jolly Roger and just get all I want to see with little hassle.

  27. Re: pronouns not being a big deal. It's bringing modernity into SW. SW has never had confusion about alien gender. Somehow, everyone already knows, just like people are able to understand wookie or droid speech. It is one of the ways that SWs differentiates itself because all the people are advanced so far beyond these trivial matters because they're surrounded by all kinds of aliens. It takes you out of the story and just flat out doesn't belong.

  28. Tom, the issue of RT choosing if something is rotten or fresh is from a VR video so you can ask him. Basically, the article stated that a critic can write a review but Not leave a numerical rating. Those are the reviews RT come in and mark it rotten or fresh regardless of what the written review said. That’s how you get a review that makes the show read as rotten but it’s marked fresh.
    Talk to Valliant if you want to read the actual article the video was about ❤

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