[TAS] Flash Raft Wars by GMP in 04:45.49

This is a tool-assisted speedrun. For more information, see
TAS originally published on 2022-04-14

In Raft Wars, a turn-based strategy game, a very young child named Simon finds a stash of gold buried in a nearby beach. However, this hasn’t gone unnoticed, as everyone also wants a piece of it, and it is up to him and his brother to defend it.

GMP () successfully defends the gold stash in record time.


  1. I hope and pray that we get a Project Nexus TAS. That game needs waaaaaayyy more runs

  2. (“Sleeping with the fishes!” and “See you later!” intensifies)

  3. BatFamily: Wow we was about to call you the best player in the world tho I guess you used aimbot so I guess not however still fastest player in the world

  4. I wonder how a TAS of Super Mario 63 would go.

  5. yeah, Flash emulation improving to the point of facilitating TASes is going to resurface a lot of old games exactly like this one: that a very particular subset of people remember quite fondly from their childhood but that most people will never ever recognize and which aren't very good. which like, sure, that's just kind of how early indie game dev was, so i can't really knock this game specifically for it. but uh, the blatant racist caricatures accompanied by cries of "EEEEK !! SAVAGES !!!" and immediate violence are just. they, they sure are.

  6. Oh fuck yeah, this was one of my favorites back in the day. I played it recently and it still holds up a TON. This is fucking awesome to see.

  7. Woah. We do flash games now? Sweet!

    Here's hoping someone would do Sword And Sandals 2 TAS!

  8. Hyped to see more flash tases in the future. Flash games is part of my childhood

  9. You can tas flash games? Oh boy we need more of these

  10. Wagner Ramos (MIDI Channel / Absolute Infinity) says:

    The TAS: Raft Wars
    YouTube: Angry Birds
    Me: No, that's not how you play the game.

  11. Red ball 4 volume 1 is next

  12. Can't wait to see TASes of Ultimate Flash Sonic, Super Mario 63, Run, Fireboy and Watergirl, etc.

  13. How Many Nostalgia Comments Will Appears Here?

  14. Did they just publish the first ever Flash game tas?

  15. I hope there is/will be a Diamond Hollow (Hallow?) 2 speedrun

  16. Never clicked on a video so fast in my life

  17. When the new era of TAS speeruns begun… 😅

  18. Now its possible to TAS Flash games?
    Shit, i need to know how to do this but, i've saw that libTAS is for Linux and im a Windows user.

  19. Me encantaría ver mas contenido de juegos flash como este

  20. Speedruns for flash games of my childhood? Count me in

  21. The game seems like a modified version of Penguin Wars flash game. But nice to see flash are speedrunning now.

  22. Someone should make a TAS of Robot Dinosaurs That Shoot Beams When They Roar

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