Starting Over, The REAL Episode 1 | Stranded Alien Dawn Gameplay | Part 1

Stranded: Alien Dawn Gameplay Let’s Play – Brave a new world in Stranded: Alien Dawn, a planet survival sim placing the fate of a small marooned group in your hands

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What’s up guys and gals, I’m Kage848. I love to make videos for Youtube, mostly early access survival games like 7 Days to Die, Empyrion, Raft, Mist Survival, The Forest, and more! I also dabble in City Builders and strategy games like Civilization 5, Civilization 6, Dawn of Man, Stonehearth, Factorio and Rim World. I do at least two videos everyday of mainly tutorials, let’s plays and general gameplay footage. Thanks for watching my videos.
This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development.
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  1. map?a realy food, but sometime hard game.

  2. If you want a npc to do something right away click on npc portrait to choose them the left click on item and choose action. They will drop what they are doing and go to that task. As an example when a bug attack warning pops up click on npc portrait at top of page left click on gate and they will go close it. Same goes for crafting cooking switches salvaging harvesting and other devices.
    F4 drafts or undrafts all npc’s. Double clicking on npc portrait or notifications sends you directly there which is a quick way to move around map.
    X and Z button controls floor elevation. If you don’t like the fences you can place building walls on ground to act as fences and doors open automatically.

  3. You don't need "people who are good at it". Anyone will perform a task as long as they are not incapable of it. They will eventually become "good at it". Same as in Rimworld (a very similar game), I always set every settler's number 1 task as healing. Even if they're not good at it, if someone is injured they need medical attention. If your "doctor" is the one injured, someone else will look after them as their highest priority. Injuries and illnesses are not common, so it rarely affects the day-to-day operation of things. Oh, and by the way, when people weren't doing anything early on, you attempted to "force" them to go near to a bush you wanted cut down for example, but they did not cut it. This is because you drafted them. When a settler is drafted they do NOTHING except go where you want them to go. If they are attacked, they will defend themselves. But if you don't "undraft" them, they will stand there and starve.

  4. Idk if you already know this but those giant scarab things are Edible

  5. Not certain why you received no laser pistol. I had thought that on easy you get 2 during the crash, the normal (whatever that was called) you only get one and I have not tried the hard mode yet. Perhaps that is what you chose? I played on easy for about an hour and a half to get used to things and to get a feel for what I needed, and am currently playing on medium. A couple parties that I have had fun with so far: Emelin, Krista, Nova and Samantha(she is low on construction but, interested and so much building early on that she was at 4 in only a few days. The other I liked was: Emelon, Rita, Nova and Quin. Notice both parties have Emelin. Her cooking makes everyone happy…I have seen others recommend Greyson, Vanessa, Emelin, and Ken, So, far the initial party I listed is doing the best. Fun game so far.

  6. So you took Kana and Ken but as they are getting in the escape pod they left their grandma behind? They are terrible kids !!!

  7. Kage thinks two ppl sleeping 100 feet from each other are bothering each other while another char is banging on scrap metal behind them at 1AM. HA

  8. The way you get more people here is breed them, that´s why you have there the informations about the relationships.

  9. Pronounce Kana like you would Lana….no strong a

  10. Yea, i'm sorry but you don't get to be picky about what you eat in a survival situation, being a vegetarian is a privilege of abundance. You will eat my meat and like it bitch lol.

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