Starting Over, The REAL Episode 1 | Stranded Alien Dawn Gameplay | Part 1

Stranded: Alien Dawn Gameplay Let’s Play – Brave a new world in Stranded: Alien Dawn, a planet survival sim placing the fate of a small marooned group in your hands

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What’s up guys and gals, I’m Kage848. I love to make videos for Youtube, mostly early access survival games like 7 Days to Die, Empyrion, Raft, Mist Survival, The Forest, and more! I also dabble in City Builders and strategy games like Civilization 5, Civilization 6, Dawn of Man, Stonehearth, Factorio and Rim World. I do at least two videos everyday of mainly tutorials, let’s plays and general gameplay footage. Thanks for watching my videos.
This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development.
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  1. Kage, pay attention to bed area of effect. That's the area of disturbance, so you need to space them a lot more until you get fully enclosed dwelling.

  2. I just have everyone checked to do everything the first few days. Except for the scavenger and the researcher. I uncheck all other duties for them so they keep doing what I want them to. If the rest have all duties ticked on, more gets done, and nobody idles. If I have 5 plants queued for study, it doesn't really matter who does them. Same with chopping, ect. Once the initial rush to get set up is over, I specialize them more.
    Helpful tip: You can filter the storages. Trust me.. you want to do that from the start, because you don't want them putting a pair of boots on the big storage, taking up space where 500 scrap could go. Like filter the shelves for raw food and meals, another shelf for electronic components, chests for medicine, closets for clothes and weapons. Meanwhile filter off anything but resources on the resource storage. If you wait to do that, most of the time they won't move things, and there's no way to tell them to, at this point in the game. So you'll have no organized storage. You'll also want to filter off eating raw meat on settlers individual filters.

  3. Imagine being so pretentious that you're a vegetarian in in Apocalypse

  4. Welcome to another episode of minority Apocalypse survived

  5. Much better start, Kage..
    the real, real episode one should go perfectly… 😆

  6. You chose to put Ken the psychopath on your team? I hope he doesn't get too unhappy and kill someone on your team

  7. glad you are playing more! rimworld is amazing, and this looks fun !

  8. I don't like Ken. He needs to be hunting to be happy.

  9. jo kage how good are the chances to get a planetcrafter episode on automation ( new update ) ?

  10. It's not like I'm an expert on this game, being on my first playthrough, but I think the obsession with having everyone armed is counter-productive. Granted, it's crazy that you didn't get a laser pistol next to the crash site. I thought that was a given. I'd have restarted right away, but I digress. What you need is something defensible. Make defensive walls with whatever material you have plenty of, get some zig-zagging on the entrance to give your shooters time to kill the creatures, and place traps to hold the creatures in place. You need to leave an open gate, but maybe you can have an inner walled area without a gate for the non-combatants. And you don't need to have your whole base walled — just make a walled compound for the fight and move everyone there as soon as the enemies start running towards you.

  11. After watching your first episode, I grabbed the game and played it all weekend, over 30 hours in game now
    Learned a lot
    Fun game

  12. Quin Windu huh… .why do i have the nagging suspicion that his Twin Brother might have a giant purple lightsaber and like saying mother*** alot 🤣

  13. I love this game, after getting familiar and cocky with the game in normal mode, I tried just going with whomever was on top, and OMG! What a disaster! None of my 8 normal playthroughs prepared me for this! EVERY survivor had some weird quirk and none obeyed my commands and selections to the point where they nearly died on day 5! It was madness! The two smartest guys were the worst! I had gotten Kana as a new survivor who also went mad from this group. One smart guy, who had all the construction skills, keeled over and died in the middle of building a house at the onset of winter! Kana somehow acquired the skill level needed to build the house and save these people. If they weren't berserk, or crying, then they would binge eat. One would get stressed then three would binge eat then puke EVERWHERE, then go eat MORE! I got them all to year 2, and I left them when they were all naked in the spring cold about to face down another hoard of those spiky scorpion monsters! Great times!

  14. I want to see those flightless birds facing off against the spiky scorpions, they are the honey badgers of this world!

  15. So, I just bought the game. Many of the concepts are right from Rimworld.

  16. Really hard to get all the stuff done when there are only four people who have to do it all! No wonder they're all stressed, poor people stranded.

  17. I always take Krista, she can't craft, but She's quite good at researching though.
    (She's also nice to look at 😍)

  18. You can set designated relaxation time which might help with his being stresed out

  19. Kage!!!!!!! Great stuff. There’s a game called Stalker Gamna if you want to take a look. Thank you

  20. You're are doing way too much micro managing in the first few days. Just let people do whatever for the first few day. There are certain things that you need to do and things to stock up on the first days.

  21. Not sure if you know this, you can set your research table to research more then one thing. You can set it so it research one thing after another. Also you may wish to build a stone fence around your quarters to keep them safe from bugs. Have fun with that research table, it's huge, and scary looking with all of the stuff you can do. Have a Great one and can't wait to see what you do next in this!!

  22. You got Kana's name right. Ee-toh would be her last name

  23. You really did get unlucky with this "Landing".

  24. I dont believe this group survive the next winter 😛

  25. I am sorry but I really hate 4th or third person view games.

  26. Hey Kage, you might want to consider renaming your ppl so it's easier to remember what they do. Bob the builder, Cookie, Einstein, Hunter, etc. Sure makes my Rimworld time much easier and faster.

  27. Kage i love when you have a new series keep up the good work man tell autumn i said hello.

  28. @Kage848 , Better start for sure! A few pointers – no, don't put torches where the people sleep, they don't turn them off on their own. I think that comes with electricity and switches. A lot of the other comments about generalizing your survivors are 100% valid for the early stages, it's actually more realistic that way (everyone scramble until we get set up), if you want a task done by a certain person immediately, select them and right click the task and tell'em to do it, that will override just about everything else, regardless of priority. There are also TWO stages to spaceship debris scavenging, the second of which you have to research, so the debris won't disappear right away. also, you were right earlier, you can cut bushes to make branches. If you want a steady supply of most resources that have workstations (including the woodcutting block for sticks) make more use of the "Until" option for the resource, and the survivors will ensure they make batches enough to satisfy that request always. Keep it up! you're fun to watch until I get a new PC with a better processor to handle this and more games, lol!!

  29. Starting to question Kage's color blindness lol. the soil quality is visible with the green. VERY green is very high growth lol

  30. Yea, they just crashed on a planet, they should be happy to have ANY food. Are they expecting to find a Subway? Bad place for a minus sign, should have used a colon.

  31. You can go to manage and set them free time for relaxing and set them each a schedule/

  32. Bro your over thinking it trying to min max many hands make for light work and the more they do a task the better they get set everyone up and if they are good at it set them to a 1 so they do it first

  33. Thank you for another episode. I hope this series continues.

  34. Was hoping the Master would play this.

  35. if ur farming, make sure u put fences so tht animals eats ur farm…..
    n also there are times,ur base will get attack by bunch of bugs too

  36. This game looked so interesting I went out and bought it after watching your first episode. I've been playing some 40 hours since then. Here are a few tips, based on my playstyle:

    Always put everyone on priority 1 Heal, and 2 Handle and Deliver, all the time. After that, you can start distributing priorities 2-5 as needed. Without healing, your survivors will die, and without handle and deliver, the base will grind to a halt.

    Build a dedicated health item shelf right next to your sleeping area, so the healers won't have to run back and forth all the time.

    Start producing winter clothes right now, so they're ready when winter comes.

    Don't send your survivors too far out from the base for now. They'll get hungry/tired and turn back almost immediately.

    Having too many torches takes resources (sticks) and handling time. Only use them where people need to work.

  37. Yeah, this game is not appealing to me at all. When you add too much minor details that are still needed to micro the game becomes tedious and start losing it's fun aspect. And I don't really see anything unique enough, just my opinion though.

  38. My go-to lineup is Ken and Quin, and Emelin and Laara. Emelin giving a happiness boost to everyone for her meals is super useful. Everyone eats, so everyone gets it from her meals. Laara's farming 25% move speed and 2x Seeding and Harvesting is SUPER useful. Physical raises pretty quickly, and Crafting, while nice, isn't done all that often. Since Ken is interested in it I just raise his crafting.

  39. I feel ya on picking your people I opened a spreadsheet 45 mins later and still have not played the game did this with oxygen not included and rerolled that for 3 hours think I need help lolz.

  40. Like this but needs long videos or streamed

  41. Am i the only one that cant stop saying hay hay hay every time Kage says hay?

  42. Is this game a "prettier" Rimworld? I love me some Rimworld so what is different Bout this game that I might want to check it out?

  43. Kana 🐔 in Estonian is chicken 😂, so she will be a meal to someone or something.

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