Star Citizen / 3.17.3 / Quick Cat Run + Catching up!

Cheers all!!
Just a quick run with the Cat to catch up with ya’ll and tell you about my biggest cargo route ever that is coming up soon!
So it’s an easy run from Lyria to Hurston.
Let me know in the comments how ya’ll are doing, and if you are looking forward to cargo refactor!
#starcitizen #spacesimulator #SpaceTrucking

If you decide to join Star Citizen, make sure to use my refferal code STAR-RVFC-Y37K to get us both some extra goodies when you start up!

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Gear used:
Ground vehicles:
Wheel: Thrustmaster TX Leather edition
Shifter: TH8A
Space Ship:
Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog
Playseat Challenge


  1. I’m depressed, today I melted my Cat to pledge the Galaxy. Was a long hard & difficult decision, but couldn’t pass up getting a Carrack for $350. 😢

  2. Keep making cargo videos Cletus! I enjoy chilling out and watching you run different routes. Thanks for putting these together for us. I know it must take a lot of your time and I appreciate it. Thank you.

  3. How about Supper Supreme Ultimate Space Trucker Route.

  4. The "never pay pirates" mentality is the reason soo many just kill on sight….congratulations, you are part of the problem.

  5. Welcome back! I tossed you some Spaceos like a few weeks ago for Lucy to buy some beer! lol Let's hope IAE brings some fun stuff.

  6. same here waiting for when 3.18 drops. gonne be the pirate update lol, just yell if you are in needs for a gunner sounds like fun lets fight back truckers with guns.

  7. I got blown up yesterday just running cargo. I had just landed at shady glen and heard an ominous noise. Turns out it was a torpedo from an eclipse.

    I think the cool thing with persistence is if you do blow up you have a chance to be able to go back and loot your own wreckage. Similar to how dayZ works.

  8. Great to see another video from you. I am really looking forward to 3.18 when it drops. Oh has your RAFT's lift broken? Mine has I can enter the ship but not exit.

  9. Glad to see another video! I’m looking forward to cargo missions so we don’t have to pay for our loads up front.

  10. I think there has been a recent sharp uptick in the number of NPC pirate attacks, against me anyway.

  11. I recently found your channel and I love the content. Already tried some of your routes by myself. Keep it going 👍🚚

  12. What up big dog? I've been taking a break for a while too.

  13. I am looking forward to the cargo refactor, it really opens a lot of possibilities!

    Also happy to see another vid fro you 🙂

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