Scar Getting Jump-scared By Grian for 1 minute and 9 seconds

Grian Jump Scaring Scar for 1 minute and 9 seconds

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  1. grain and scar are like mutually super effective against one another in the hermitcraft type chart. it’s like dragon against dragon.

    grian knows how to jump scare scar. but scar is the only one who can out-chaos grian

  2. I have autism and ADD and this is so annoying ad it is one second over 1:10!!!

  3. 0:00 “they hurt me”
    Anyone else read that in Grian’s voice??

  4. grian out here trying to give scar a heart attack lol

  5. Speaking of demons, "THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!"

  6. Scars’ “hello there’s”really reminds me of Obi-won Kenobi

  7. "one shudders to imagine what inhuman though is behind that eyes"

  8. Does scar have breathing tubes? This is my first time seeing scar the actual person. I don't watch hermitcraft anymore so sorry for the unusual question i just want to know he's alright.

  9. Him being in the sewer like that was actually unsettling af!

  10. Just remember everyone!

    ⍑ᒷ’ᓭ ᔑꖎ∴ᔑ||ᓭ ∴ᔑℸ ̣ ᓵ⍑╎リ⊣
    he’s always watching

  11. Grian is like herobrine or just a dang ghost lol.

  12. Grian could star in his own horror film

  13. This video lacks the "Scar, what are you doing" from Grian's AFK prank.

  14. Just one he was like oh he's a pincushion the second one he was like the third one he took a minute to realize that he was there

  15. I like how scar is the only one who gets the time of the compilation videos right

  16. i was hoping to see when grain was afk pranking people and he acted like he came back and scared scar out his wheelchair

  17. 0:05 he is just standing there. menacingly. with dead doll eyes

  18. Ah, the iconic thrown up hands and “oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh” and occasional hyperventilating

  19. It doesn't help that scar is super jumpy and grians eyes have no soul

  20. What about the one where he scared you on the rail carts to the boatem hole?

  21. If Scar ever dies of a heart attack I’m blaming Grian first

  22. Scar: standing in a tunnel
    Grian: just out of view with a dozen arrows sticking out of him, not saying anything

  23. Grian's a cryptid and to escape you distract him by putting buttons on the ground

  24. I'm glad to see there's someone else out there who's just as jumpy as me

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