Sauron reveals himself to be Sauron

Formerly known as Halbrand.


  1. The series made sauron a hero

  2. Why are they acting like this is a soap opera?

  3. How compulsive and irrational this woman is being…

  4. No one cares. Season 2 is doomed before it begins.

  5. Sauron never wanted rule…But Galadriel is forced him to that…(Yapacağınız dizinin amq!)

  6. Why does this look and feel like a CW show? I had no idea it was THIS bad…

  7. The only good character turned out to be the villain.

  8. This show sucked so bad it's not even fun making fun of. A true achievement.

  9. Sauron: I’m Sauron
    Galadriel: Finally! Sooo very wrong, I’m always right.
    Sauron: I’m Sauur…
    Galadriel: Apology accepted 🤫 🤐

  10. Man, the amount of super expensive fan fiction today is staggering.

  11. What a plot twist… Never saw it coming, this is brilliant… Nobody smeeeeeeeeelled what Sauron was cooking

  12. Bro i genuinely feel bad for everyone involved, they had to have gotten people who don't even know what Lord of the rings is

  13. What a terrible show with a terrible portrayal of Galadriel. She’s a self righteous idiot who can’t see 2 min into the future to judge her current actions. Not the character she is meant to be. Also thanks for the black elf main character who is also one dimensional. Makes perfect sense the way Tolkien described elves being fair and pale. I suppose it’s better to act like regional phenotypes don’t and never existed. I better see some white leaders from harad and Rhun

  14. “Some people call me the Space Cowboy
    Some call me the gangster of love
    Some people call me Sauron
    Cause I speak of unthinkable horrors and eternal damnation”

  15. How big of a Font can i write HOT GARBAGE with?

  16. This whole exchange was very entertaining. But I think it would’ve been even better if after he said “..,I’ve had many names,” he included “but the one I prefer….. is Sauron.”

  17. Why am I getting recommended clips from this god awful pile of SHIT show. LITERALLY a ‘shit show’

  18. Oh no, the "definitely not sauron guy" turns out to be sauron. What a wild twist that everyone saw coming…

  19. These series are phenomenal great stories to them. Can’t wait for season 2 to come out.

  20. "I found this on a dead man."
    Gal: "No red flags there!"

  21. Sauron just Sauroned so hard what a great show, 11/10, would watch again (I couldn't bear watching more than 10 minutes of the first episode)

  22. I never would've guessed sauron was sauron what a plot twist

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