Rome 1×7 REACTION!! “Pharsalus”

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Eric Rick and Aaron react to and discuss Season 1 Episode 7 of Rome – Pharsalus – #raystevenson #rome

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00:00 – Intro
00:38 – Reaction
18:22 – Discussion – Pompey’s Value
19:17 – Caesar’s True Self Behind Closed Doors
19:51 – Loyalty to Oaths: Bound by Duty
20:47 – Titus: The Eternal Optimist
21:34 – Impact and Insignificance
22:18 – Utilizing Plot Armor
23:27 – Pompey’s Defeat
24:08 – Portraying the Battle: Creative Choices and Perspectives

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  1. The advantage Caesar was referring to at 5:30 mirrors Sun Tzu's art of war – 'Throw your soldiers into positions whence there is no escape, and they will prefer death to flight'.

    Caesar's men knew they faced certain death if they don't win, and Pompey's men thought this is a battle they'll definitely win, so no one wants to die in it

  2. We all feel the show was a bit rushed and underwhelming for especially not going into major historical battles in detail, but this was the most expensive show in history (over 10 million dollars per episode) prior to GoT even without those scenes. It seems like all the companies that tried to film content relating to this era ran into money trouble.

    In the battle of Pharsalus, Caesar had just over 1000 cavalry whilst pompey had about 7000, so from Pompey's POV all he needs to do is make sure the frontlines are held, defeat Caesar's cavalry and charge his flanks, and the battle would be over, nice and easy. Caesar sent in his cavalry against Pompey and they got crushed, whilst they retreated and Pompey's cavalry was about to charge Caesar's left flank, they charged right into 3000 hidden reserve legionnaires using their pillas as spears and rapidly broke. Pompey's fleeing cavalry disturbed the frontlines whilst Caesar's 3000 reserves and whatever cavalry was left now sprinted to Pompey's right flank and attacked. Caesar also kept the best men in every legion out of battle at the start as reserves, and sent them in now to replace the frontline that are now exhausted from the fight. Now Pompey faced fresh fighting men in the frontline whilst his own men was tired, and his right flank began to broke, and Caesar's victory basically emerged from there.

  3. 14:50 Rick is right, later when Caesar campaigned in africa (at the battle of Thapsus i think) Caesar's men actually disobeyed his orders and massacred everyone in the battle after the victory. They were sick of Caesar's mercy towards his enemies and wanted to end it once and for all, so they won't have to fight anymore.

  4. 18:36 Yes, Pompey will have immense influence until his death, and he will likely take over things if he is accepted into Egypt (the current kid King's father got his throne by Pompey's help, and owed him a huge favour). The Egytians did not want to fight against Caesar, so thought it'd be best to kill off Pompey and declare themselves a supporter of Caesar. What they didn't anticipate was Caesar's fury over Pompey's death.

  5. I always interpreted Caesar's outrage as less that he wanted Pompey to grovel and more that Lucius, even when trying to be respectful, was kind of disrespecting Pompey by assuming that he's not a threat.

  6. The genuine defeat in Rick's voice at 7:54 when he realizes he has to admit that the battles in Game of Thrones were good… compared to Rome. Bless him 😂

  7. I hope you guys add the new Kdrama series MOVING on your list . it's actually lit 🙏

  8. I hope you guys add the new Kdrama series MOVING on your list . it's actually lit 🙏

  9. Not sure if anybody has told you but if you're into Star Wars tyrpe shows, Ray Stevenson is in a show called Ashoka.

  10. its a shame that people always expect war, fighting and battles in shows so much, dialogue seems to not be important anymore

  11. Shame you guys skip so much of the Pompeii dialogue…

  12. Ray Stevenson who plays Titus Pullo sadly died a couple months ago, a few days before his 59th birthday! 😪

    I presume you guys are going to be doing Ahsoka too.. I think that was his last project before he passed!

  13. Great series and guy is Ashoka – rip Ray

  14. It would have been nice to see how Ceasar won Rome but it all comes down to the budget. Can you imagine what they could have done with the Battle for Winterfell money??

  15. Kinda like GoT season 1 they didn't have the budget for the big battle scenes

  16. Where’s Rebel moon trailer reaction? 😢

  17. I think this show as a whole is better than GoT. But GoT at it's best (S2) is better than Rome.

  18. I'd rather see no battles than late GoT battles tbh

  19. Atia's actress, Polly Walker was in a 1991 film, Shogun Mayeda, sold in some places as Journey of Honour. She's nice in that!

    I'm pretty sure the battle scene is just frames from the opening episode. Clearly they didn't have the budget for a proper battle!
    They did some good stuff in season 2, but went hilariously over budget.
    Remember the battle of the Whispering Wood from season 1 of Game of Thrones? Where Robb beats the Lannister forces in the field and captures Jaime? No? Because they didn't show it. They didn't have the budget.

  20. The really sad thing about this show is that the 1st season numbers were low, so HBO decided to cancel it after the 2nd season which was already filming. The 2nd season got much higher viewer numbers when it aired, but it was too late. HBO did seem to have learned from that, though. They generally wait now at least until the 2nd season before taking a hard look at viewership.

  21. Crown Prince Sebastian Johan of Ponte Corvo says:

    Caesar doesn't want Pompey to grovel to him. If he captures Pompey, and spares him, he basically ends the Civil War. Pompey was the legitimate, serving Consul, the leader, as well as a hero and acclaimed general, and without him, the Senatorial Faction loses credibility and will whither away. Capturing Pompey is like capturing Count Dooku during the Clone Wars. Without Dooku, the CIS is nothing.

  22. Crown Prince Sebastian Johan of Ponte Corvo says:

    In real life, Pompey's other younger son, Sextus Pompey, seen here watching his father's death, becomes a terror for Augustus in the years after the Battle of Phillipi where Caesar's assassins are killed. He is a gifted admiral who captured Sicily and held out for 8 years after Brutus and Longinus were defeated.

  23. I think you guys would like the hannibal tv show mads is great as him

  24. One of my favorite shows back in the day. Been following everything Kevin McKidd and Ray Stevenson have done ever since, awesome to see you guys going through it!

  25. This show is the reason HBO took a risk on Game of Thrones

  26. The guy on the left and the guy on the right should Box. 🥊 🇺🇸

  27. Another reason why he was angry they didn’t capture Pompey was because in real life the war was still going on. Pompey still had forces in africa and I think his sons in Spain

  28. "They did better then this." Accurate. Some of the got battle had some….issues. But we did get to see them, and they looked really cool. The wall fight and Hardholm were great though.

  29. Another brilliant & brutal episode! 🔥🔥🔥

  30. Titus Pullo WOULD ride the shark. And I'd accept it

  31. There is a big battle in season 2 of Rome. Outside of that one case , big epic battles were cleary outside of the budget for something like this.
    Honestly as long the writing is good, ill rather they focus on the drama, then do something half baked and nonsensical, like GoT did in later stages.

  32. 0:38 arma means "weapon" in Latin

    Fun fact: most of the graffiti on the walls are real.

    They just copied them from real excavations, so many of them are grammatically incorrect, since those who wrote them two thousand years ago were not well educated.

  33. The next episode is Cleopatra story stating

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