RINGS OF POWER Episode 8 Breakdown: Every Easter Egg + Sauron Twist EXPLAINED

Rings of Power has finally concluded it’s first season, revealing the identities of Sauron….and Gandalf, probably? We break down all of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit Easter Eggs, explain the ending, what’s next, and what’s happening for Season 2.

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey ()
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Randolf Nombrado, Srinidhi Rao, Brianna Mclarty, and Ethan Lavinsky

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  1. Lol the harfoots are definitely Liverpool fans. “You’ll never walk alone”

  2. In the darkness night… she's been looking at the Palantir. That's it.

  3. Thank you for loading this up with Rankin & Bass

  4. So they just melted down the iron or steel in the blade of the dagger and everybody thinks that’s fine? The gold and the silver, molten, poured together into the mould somehow result in separate gold and silver rings? None of this has anything to do with how to forge metal.

  5. Ok, then what even was the aim of the cultists? Why did they think Sauron was returning from the sky someday, when he has been living in the guise of a human for some indeterminate amount of years? Were they just doofuses that misread some prophecy, or just made it up?

  6. All positive comments I’m so positive about this show, it’s definitely a positive and massive win for lord of the rings. It’s probably better than the movies.

  7. 14:04 when they are making the alloy it looks like the Eye of Sauron in the PJ movies
    15:49 his reflection is Saurons famous armor

  8. I bet a bunch of characters that Halbrand had contact with will start to become corrupted next season. Like Pharazon and Elendil. The stranger could be Radaghast before he got hooked on mushrooms lol

  9. Dear aspiring writers. A twist is not having a completely different character (I.E Halbrand, who is definitely not Sauron and has completely different motivations and aspirations than Sauron) and then just saying oh yeah he’s Sauron now and saying all that we’ve witnessed of the character so far is a lie. wHaT a GrEaT tWiSt! That is abysmal writing.

  10. Is it just me or is Ryan’s accented pronunciation of Sauron kinda cringeworthy?

  11. Can we get a behind the scenes look in how you prepare and write these type of videos? The speed is remarkable

  12. That's what I call an entertaining and unbiased review. Thanks for that.
    I'm actually not at all sure that the stranger is Gandalf. His powers seem wrong for some reason and him going to Rhun is weird. Can he actually be Saruman?

  13. I don’t know if her getting a ring with massive power is her last vestige as a warrior.

  14. It's very very irritating that Ryan can't pronounce names even close to properly. Erry Ghion? Va-lore or Va-larr? Hawl-brand? Sarron? Sore-on? Simma-rils? Air-ien? Paul Antir? Awn Atarr? Aye-dar? Sorry-man? Gandolph? Ishtar? Isildoor? An Aryen? Irry Illuva-tarr? Glen Duin? Sirrdan? COME ON!?! It's like he never actually seen the show nor listened to any more knowlegeble people pronunce these names (like Tolkien himself?). They go to great lengths to pronunce names correctly in the show (and Peter Jackson's movies) and it super nice to see and hear. Ryan's travesty.. not so much. Sad, for such fun videos in all other respects. And nothing wrong with the speculations either even if the Stanger isn't Gandalf.

  15. Stars that can only be seen in the east 🙁 couldn't it be a mountain or something?

  16. Anyone else here, just for Dugs adorable side comments? I read the information is great, but Dug is 👌🏽

  17. Stretch Armstrong…. But, I am so small!!!

  18. “I am patient because I am so small”😂

  19. Everyone, pause at 18:01 and tell me if you do not see the star-map lightly imprinted on the board that holds the three rings.

  20. Please Ryan, if Heavy Spoilers and Nerd of the Rings can use the correct name pronunciations you can too!

  21. “I am patient because I am smoll” got me hahahahah

  22. I still don't get why they needed to make the 3 rings for the elves. What did Halbrand/Sauron make?

  23. It was also a bit of a sly nod when Halbrand talks about hearing about Celebrimbor from the master he apprenticed to, which on the face of it sounds like some random smith of Numenor, but could easily have meant Morgoth. My wife also noted he says ’where I came up’, not ’where I was born’, which could also just be a turn of phrase, but could also be one of those moments where he is concealing the truth rather than outright lying.

  24. Is it pedantic to not trust someone on lore topic if they mispronounce a name?

  25. “Morgoth was a creature of pure force” what version of Tolkien are you reading ? That’s so not what Morgoth was

  26. We're going to see how Halbrand wound up on the raft in flashbacks, and that the other rings have already been formed. The Stranger is Saurumon and is going to meet the two Blue Wizards on the way to Ruun.

  27. I scoffed: THE Calabrimbor didn't have his own supply of gold and silver from Valinor?

  28. helluva campaign ryan! excellent work as always.

  29. I think the stranger is Sarumon and not Gandalf.

  30. This is the story told of the fall of Man in the Bible. It's amazing how few heathens see it because they don't read the most important law book on TRUSTS (the Trinity aka three rings) there is, the BIBLE. Look up the meaning of EL, and how they created the legal world

  31. A lot of your name pronunciations are not correct bro

  32. The "He is not Sauron" scene had me clapping and hollering. Such a cool moment.

  33. Am I the only one who was kind of disappointed in the finale? The big reveals just seemed too predictable from the jump, though I like how they played it. I felt like a bunch was missing, like a second part or longer episode would’ve been nice. I was super excited when they officially named Mordor, then they didn’t really go back to it the whole episode until Halbrand was shown walking. That being said, half the cast wasn’t in the episode. Perhaps I just got my hopes a tad too high for the first year, but I do hope future seasons are killer.

  34. Why did the 3 cult worshippers go to the bother of baiting the Harfoots, shape-shifting to look like the stranger and tiying him to a tree? They could have just zapped the Harfoots once they were aware of their presence. Seems like the tied-to-the-tree ruse was a lot of trouble for a harmless opponent.

  35. I think Halbrand/Sauron's tempting of Galadriel could have been a lot more effective if he hadn't used the word 'darkness' in the mind illusion as her brother. Like all good con men, he could have flipped the narrative around and said something like 'Touch the true life force and know it for yourself!" Using the word 'darkness' was a dead giveaway that the writers should have avoided, IMHO.

  36. So the big questiion I haven't seen answered: WAS Halbrand the water wyrm in episode 2?

  37. This whole video pretty much laid out how RoP is a straight copy cap, plagiaristic, re-telling of LOTR. Is that what the showrunners were going for??

  38. I really liked the scene where Sauron revealed himself. I wonder if sauron had binded his will to finrods dagger and that is what brought her to Sauron and also whether or not this was the reason he had it combined with the mithril. We also know that he steals. He will have obviously stolen the materials used for the one ring and also the material in the thing he wears around his neck. Which because he is not the king of the southlands may have more importance. If not I still think this has been a good effort even though a lot of expectations were not met.

  39. Apples are also always a sign of education. He will educate her and therfore the harfoots.

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