RINGS OF POWER Episode 8 Breakdown: Every Easter Egg + Sauron Twist EXPLAINED

Rings of Power has finally concluded it’s first season, revealing the identities of Sauron….and Gandalf, probably? We break down all of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit Easter Eggs, explain the ending, what’s next, and what’s happening for Season 2.

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey ()
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Randolf Nombrado, Srinidhi Rao, Brianna Mclarty, and Ethan Lavinsky

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  1. Apples are also always a sign of education. He will educate her and therfore the harfoots.

  2. The Stranger is clearly Saruman. Did you not see the fight scene – same moves he uses on Gandalf in L.O.T.R?
    Also, although the Istari didn't technically arrive 'till the 3rd age, Saruman was the First, the strongest, their leader. He would definitely arrive first.

    Additionally, from the film makers point of view – Gandalf + Hobbits – Been done…

    In this instance, it's Saruman (in lieu of Gandalf) + Hobbits. And at least that's interesting. Gandalf is, was, and always will be.. good.

    Saruman, on the other hand, started off good, but ends up evil – from the best to the worst – now that's an interesting story.

    Also, this parallel with Gandalf + Hobbits is entirely intentional. It's a cautionary tale – This IS what happened to Saruman, but could so easily be what happened to Gandalf (although, of course, it didn't).


  3. I really like the show though I never thought Sauron would have a northern accent “Eee by eck!! Where’s me fookin ring?” 😳

  4. This show is a masterclass in how to do everything bad in a show where budget is limitless. The writing is so bad, like so bad, people ask questions and they just dont answer them and the person asking just moves on. This happens so many times its ridiculous. People can just fast travel across the world, the is no point to any of the plot lines. Everything is just a generic question. Who is the stranger, where are the evil hobbits going, where is sauron. Just very generic and extremely obvious. Everyone knew who sauron was before the show even started. Lol mount doom started up like a damn car with an ignotion key. So stupid, this show deserves all the hate it gets and more. Just so bad in every way, writing, acting, sets, choreography, action scenes, there literally is no bright side to this show

  5. Sauron needs to absorb the two blue wizards to become the dark lord.

  6. I cant wait to see if Elrond gets Galadriel pregnant. Elf Love on Display.

  7. Thank you Bryan!!! Great writing.

    But, Ryan … your tones have found a place in our hearts that cannot be replaced. They are like a cuddle by the fire on a storm day 🤔

  8. Wow, you seriously mispronounced almost every name, place or thing.

  9. Fun Fact: in the german dubbed version, the voice actor of Celebrimbor is the same person who voiced Ted Mosby

  10. Nice to see this program getting some praise. Yes it began a bit clunky ( name me a series that didn’t) but I really enjoyed it more than house of dragons.

  11. there are more easter eggs then actual references from Tolken. lame, lame ass netflix debacle.

  12. I was so worried what this would do to the originals. I feel they done a really good job sticking to the lore with enough added to keep us guessing and hook us for season 2

  13. Anyone notice that as Halbrand reveals himself to Galadriel as Sauron, that his thick northern accent becomes far more pronounced in a similar fashion to when Boromir allows himself to fall to the persuasion of Sauron and the Ring when he confronts Frodo. Interesting parallels!

  14. @48:06, Halbrand's eyes transform to the shape of Sauron's One Eye..

  15. Why couldn’t they just make shadow of war the series

  16. Saruman was the 1st wizard to come over in canon. Saruman went to Rhun and came back.
    Gandalf wasn't the 1st wizard to come over and Gandalf never went to Rhun in canon.

    There are the Tolkien notes that suggest he had considered having the blue wizards come over 1st in the 2nd age and also the Blues went to Rhun.

  17. ROFL easter eggs for fan fiction are meaningless

  18. So idk if anything already pointed this out, but for the Gandalf reveal/confirmation: How Gandalf has Nori lead the way like he does for Fordo when they set off in Fellowship. Also! In RoP, Gandalf leads by following his nose like he does in Khazad-dûm in Fellowship.

  19. "Hey Galadriel, what's that on your finger?"
    "Nenya business"

  20. The Stranger is a blue wizard…(lets see how this holds up over time )

  21. Seriously? This show doesn't deserved to be dignified with a breakdown of anything but its overwhelming flaws.

  22. a simple dislike will do, no need for an inflammatory comment.

  23. I read the series years ago in high school, got a passing grade on my report and watched the series when it came out. But on my best day, even if I watched the movies and read the books simultaneously, could I discuss it to the depth and catch every nuance like you guys in this and other chats do. I applaud and pity us all.

  24. I wish they didn’t make a song out of the One Ring poem. Cheese.

  25. The Stranger is clearly Saruman, the first of the Wizards. Gandalf is the last one.

  26. Why does this channel hate on this show with passive aggressive humor. Please just give us a unbiased breakdown

  27. No more talking dog cracking jokes please.

  28. Screencrush : 9/10 comments guessed who is Sauron
    Proceeds to paste 3 comments, 2 being duplicates….

  29. Love the Star Trek Enterprise theme song reference 🖖🖖🖖🤣

  30. Of course the Apple is a reference to the Apple of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, the whole episode is about our main characters learning about this within themselves and from that knowledge choosing which one to be. And Beards of Gandalf, the entire creation of the 3 Rings is made from this knowledge – i.e. Both Galadriel and Elrond know that it was Sauron's knowledge which even made it possible. This finale proved to me why this show is worth it, it's not the usual Western Judeo Christian influenced story of Good vs Evil – it's more gnostic in the sense of the knowledge being the only way to understand the nature of the dual universe and how to make choices withing it. The creators of this show have evolved the franchise to have a more relevant spiritual message for our time. Not unlike The Last Jedi, which did the same thing with The Force. Something is changing in modern mythology, it's a New Myth, and the creators know what they are doing with purpose and intentionality

  31. So Sauron did see the light after Morgoths defeat? So why did he go down a dark path of ruling then? Did he just have a twisted way of "fixing" things?

  32. Can't see what her problem was with him wanting to rule in order to ensure peace. The Elves have a ruler, so is she wanting to get rid of their King? presumably this is treason or going against an oath she would have made in order to be a commander in his military. This either makes her a hypocrite or an oath breaker; in which case she may as well carry on down that path and become a Queen.

  33. Well they say that a show is written to match the intelligence level of their viewers so a dog is the perfect consumer for it…

  34. I forget sometimes that the whole show is about powerful Rings. It's literally in the name Lord of the RINGS. I thought they really were going to make 3 crowns at the end. I love the twists though lol.

  35. Great video as always but I had no choice but to smash that like button when you made the ST:Enterprise reference. Well played.

  36. -Galadriel was not deceived by Sauron (Annatar) in the books, rather rejected him and warned the elves about him.

    -Galadriel is stronger than Sauron in mind battle "I perceive the Dark Lord and know his mind, or all of his mind that concerns the Elves. And he gropes ever to see me and my thought. But still the door is closed"

  37. Interestingly the necklace Halbrand is seen wearing when forging looks stylistically similar to the necklace Waldreg is seen wearing throughout the series.

  38. I loved this show sm! I know it's different from the book, but considering the rights to certain parts of the story and characters they were allowed to use, they did fantastic!

  39. Galadriel: "The only thing we can do."
    Me: starts singing the "Next Right Thing" from Frozen 2

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