Removing Blood Clots with Vacuum 😨

Zack D. Films


  1. Why do ppl get weak if they see or hesr blood?

  2. I never thought vacuums would become vampires💀

  3. My grandpa had a heart attack (or something similar) some time ago and the doctors needed to do this,
    He is still standing on year 30 of his 5 years to live after a leukemia diagnosis,
    He had 360.000 white blood cells attacking his own cells and a heart attack and somehow he's still standing,

    A short story: he went to a blood doctor to check on his cancer and when they got the results they had to get another sample because they didn't believe he had 60x the regular amount of white blood cells that a normal person has and he should've been dead on the spot so the doctor said something along these lines
    "Well, you are a medical mystery that even I can't solve and since I don't understand this, do you want to talk about sports"

  4. Can mosquito venom be used to un clot blood cells? Since it make blood flow better

  5. Btw blood is not red it is blue it is only red when it is exposed to air

  6. My grandad died because in his brain one of his veins was filled with fat because he ate to mutch candy and he died at the surgery

    Don’t eat to much sugar

  7. “insert a tiny vacuum” that’s called “big” not “tiny” 😂

  8. They did this for me when I was having Stroke episodes.

  9. Is it just me or do those blood cells look very edible

  10. Look all these little circles together Honestly im revolted seeing all of that together just like with little holes

  11. “The doctor said I had blood clots, but I ain’t Jamaican”

    -Kanye west
    Through the wire

  12. Me:why are you trying picking my blood

  13. The cells speeding up;
    My first thought:🏎️

  14. Ngl I heard him say "If you have a bludclat"

  15. Why do i want to touch the blood cells-

  16. My grandfather died to that I never got to know him 😢

  17. What does the blood clots look like in the vacuum? I'm very curious 😭

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