Raw vs Nitro “Reliving The War”: Episode 161 – November 23rd 1998

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Reliving The War takes a look at the WWF vs WCW Monday Night War that took place from 1995 – 2001. Fans had to choose which wrestling show to watch every Monday night, WWF viewers would tune into Raw is War while WCW fans could watch Monday Nitro on TNT. Both organizations would try to put on the best show they could in order to get the all-important ratings victory on a weekly basis, leading to one of the most popular time periods in professional wrestling. Reliving The War looks at every match and promo that took place during the Monday Night Wars.

This week on Nitro; Eric Bischoff says he wants to make peace with Ric Flair. Bret Hart announces he wants a rematch against DDP for the US title but in the meantime he’ll take out his anger on Dean Malenko, and the show gets headlined with a WCW World Heavyweight Title match – Goldberg vs The Giant.

On Raw Mr. McMahon announces a new WWF Commisioner, a Commisioner who does not answer to Vince (apparently). Stone Cold Steve Austin finds himself in trouble when The Undertaker and Paul Bearer visit him in hospital, and Raw’s main event features Corporate Champion The Rock defending his WWF title against X-Pac.

00:00 – Intro
01:26 – Lex Luger vs Mike Enos
03:00 – Norman Smiley vs Chris Benoit
04:34 – Tokyo Magnum vs Kanyon / Glacier vs Duncum Jr
05:38 – Vince announces a new WWF Commisioner
07:30 – Kidman vs Rey Mysterio
10:12 – Oddities vs Headbangers
11:22 – Blackman vs Blue Blazer / Bischoff & Flair Promo
14:06 – Brood vs D’lo & Henry / Booker T vs Konnan
17:47 – Bret Hart Promo / Marc Mero vs Goldust
20:35 – Mankind vs Big Boss Man vs Ken Shamrock
23:13 – Kevin Nash vs Wrath
24:51 – Duane Gill vs Christian / Chris Jericho Promo
26:20 – Godfather vs Tiger Ali Singh / Hall vs Alex Wright
28:23 – New Age Outlaws vs JOB Squad
31:03 – Bret Hart vs Dean Malenko
34:28 – Goldberg vs The Giant
35:45 – The Rock vs X-Pac
37:17 – Final Scores / Credits

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  1. I don't know if Bret was as hurt as he said. It looks like he might've hit his butt/taint on that post, but I don't know if it was torn (I didn't check). I'm also on the fence about his concussion from Goldberg. It didn't look like he actually got all of that kick to the head.

    I think Bret went to Hogan's school of career ending injuries (see his tombstone on the chair for reference).

  2. Mate, you did NOT just skip the 2 Cold Sporpio intro, did you?

  3. RE: the Brett Hart/Malenko beef, if Brett, as you state from his book didn’t tell Makenko he had been injured, then why would Malenko be on the hook? Given how matches play out, it doesn’t seem like an accidental injury slipping past someone would be that unreasonable.

  4. I had an hallucination at 22:06 … I had to look back and pause… To cope with the fact that, no, Dan Severn was not pulling the cable for Big Bossman during this match, disguised as a roadie…

  5. Dude, I'm also from Ashburn, GA! Small world. Had no idea that Shane was gonna make an appearance in lil' ol' Turner County.

  6. Ya gotta love the predictable set up of the Dean vs. Bret match. Heel Bret does seem a bit more evil here. Like a salivating wolf with a tasty, injured prey in front of him after what he said he was going to do to Malenko’s leg.

  7. I met Dean Malinko once. He was a total cu*t, so I can believe this.

  8. If Bret never told him he got injured, then how the f*** is he supposed to check on him….. Just Bret being cry baby Bret 😢😢😢

  9. Lmao 153-0 instead of 163-0…..?!?!?? How shameful

  10. The people need a Hitman funny promos compilation video 🙏

  11. I like how Shamrock went from wanting to destroy rock to being willing to protect him from dx

  12. The only reason I don’t believe Bret is that Bret is the first one to go to the back and could easily had confronted Dean right there and we know Bret isn’t afraid of confrontation. Maybe Dean truly didn’t know and since his night was over he just wanted to get to his hotel or whatever

  13. This was the first raw I watched at nine years old that started my love for wrestling

  14. I think next week( or maybe the week after) when austin says "get up big bastard" and whacks the undertaker is one of my all time favorite moments of this era

  15. It seemed like they were going to be building towards an Outsiders baby face run. Oh what could have been.

  16. I thought Nitro was better this week. Either way two good shows

  17. When it comes time, will you be going over episodes of thunder and smackdown? Apologize if it’s already been asked, I normally don’t lurk in the comments but I was just wondering. Thanks for putting these together! Been around since week 1!

  18. God that embalming segment is exactly as horrible and cringe as I remember it from 25 years ago.

  19. damn I love the "shut up" Bret spots. I die every time

  20. I never imagined ICP would turn on the Oddities. I'll never emotionally recover from this.

  21. WCW main event scene sucks. I knew i was right when i was 13 😂

  22. Norman Smiley was great, especially when he won the European championship and started calling himself “Normén Smileé”

  23. Stevie Ray lookin like eddie murphy from the Golden Child 🤣🤣

  24. Michael and Jessica must have been shopping at a Target… 1:13

  25. I'm guessing I'm the only one here that's already sick of the blue blazer nonsense. Sigh, six more months of it, woo.

  26. I think that might have been the best intro so far.

  27. Did Shane Douglas have Shaun Michaels fanny pack on with his stash in 😂😂

  28. I’m really trying to think of any notable Nitros because it’s gonna get worse. Y2J jumping, Radicalz, Angle coming in. WWF is only going to get better.

  29. Ok wrestling bio what do you think of the name sexy chocolate I think it great.

  30. And just like Wrath’s push is steam rolled, what a complete waste

  31. Reliving the war has been payed for by the following!

  32. Can't wait for the rock bottom RTW I remember that ppv being terrible!

  33. Real shame we won't see 2 cold Scorpios intro anymore but damn that DDP bang guy kills me everytime

  34. Got to be honest I always looked at the streak as a joke that was blown put of proportions. I'm genuinely shocked that it was only off by 10.

  35. Is that Dan Severn in the wwf- attitude shirt at 11.37 ? looks like him.

  36. Reliving all this, it seems like the only memorable things about Goldberg's title reign were 1. the night he won it, 2. his match with DDP, and 3. the night he lost it. Not a whole lot in between.

  37. Nothing funnier to see nash trying to act like a wannabe thug rapper after what he said about LA Knight 🤣🤡

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