RAFT WARS vs The World’s Worst Gamer!

Terrible Tommy

Check out my Raft Wars walkthrough!


Terrible Tommy, aka the World’s WORST Gamer has an epic Raft wars gameplay for your gaming pleasure.

Check out my demo of this free PC browser game.

If you want you can play the raft wars game free online.

I forgot which gaming site I played it at but you can check the usual game websites like Newgrounds, y8, Addicting Games, Kongregate, Miniclip, Notdoppler, Armorgames and Cool Math Games.

Now check out my epic review of this video game. I didn’t use the raft wars hacked version if you’re wondering.

I also didn’t use the raft wars unblocked version or any cheats.

I don’t know if this game is available for Xbox 360 or Playstation or if there is a PC download and I don’t know if it’s available for ios and Android so you can play on your iPhone and iPad.

Alright now go watch my raft wars game play or walk through or play through whatever the heck you guys call it nowadays.

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  1. hay you have come along way can you play stickman worriars

  2. I'm proud of being in the sausage army I love your hair bro plz play tiny tanks it is awesome and your kick butt

  3. To can you please play bat. Man Arkham. Origins. You. Can kick ass Kabir

  4. You can. Play it. PS3 and I have been subscribing

  5. terrible Tommy could you play Mortal Kombat let's kill people and have been subscribed


  7. dear terrible tomy I am such a fan I have subscibed and I want you to play slither.io please I hope you do it:D

  8. you know wat play shadow ninja and can you say my name on any viedeo my name is josh

  9. Dear terrible tommy I watch your vids and I subscribed you make me laugh so hard I tell all my school about you I would like you to play big head soccer you use the arrow meets to move and space to kick I hope you play it .it will mean allot

  10. tommy I am a fan but you were aiming the wrong way

  11. Dear tommy can you play nova 3 you are boss if they dont play it they arent boss

  12. Hey Tommy you should play raft wars 2 that would be awesome dude

  13. Please play shadow fight 2 only available on cellphones but please play it i am a long subscriber please

  14. Terrible Tommy can you please play raider took my dog ive been subscribeing since your first video controls are simple you have to move with your gun and shoot the bad guys the more you win and get money yoi can upgrade and get cool power ups

  15. Wait.. is Terrible Tommy the guy that played with nerf guns and he shot through a garage and killed his brother, he put fake blood on his brother to make like he was dead and stuff, if not you look exactly like him

  16. your so fucking trash your aiming off the map

  17. your truelly the worst gamer in the world

  18. aim lower you dumb fuck up off a person

  19. tommy I know you are a badass and you are the king off the boss's please play mad Icecrem on friv I made it to level 5 if you are a true king beat that

  20. Hey tommy you are boss can you please play raft wars 2 and 3 this time shot lower

  21. Dear terrible Tommy my name is Arjun I subscribe your channel your boss man whenever I get bored i watch your videos so can you play stickman shorter the controls are easy juit kill everyone once again your boss

  22. I m your subscriber long time ago. I want what you plz play crash and burn (it's on miniclip). U will rock man

  23. Do you have two player in the world you are my hero you inspired my sister thank you

  24. Can you please play gun zombie my sister and my mom think you are hot

  25. I passed that level my first try before

  26. I passed that level on my first try before

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