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Sorry for the poor quality! I know I clicked 1080p but it only rendered in 420… I went back and it gave me the same error so…
But luckily the next video will be in 1080 because I fixed the issue! I just want to move past this and continue making awesome content for you guys! Thanks for the support!

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Thanks for all of your continued support! Love you guys!


  1. ✿✿✿ express huge gratitude to all including you my friend for my channel support ✿✿✿ Our like # 14

  2. Glad to see I'm not the only teenager that plays this still xD

  3. you should make more vids. like this LOL…I love it!

  4. omg lol… I went back to this video from this time in my channel just a few months later and I think that this video is still beautiful <3
    And I am glad you all think so too lol. But that mic quality tho right?

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