RAFT WARS REMAKE – Unreal Engine 5 Amazing Showcase | Official Trailer

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Get Unreal Engine project files from my Patreon:In the early 2000s, a flash game emerged that captured the hearts of gamers everywhere. It was a game of strategy, a game of skill, a game of warfare. That game was Raft Wars, and it was legendary. And now, in 2023, Raft Wars has been reborn! Step into the extraordinary world of pictures of gangle from the amazing digital circus, where innovation takes center stage. Virtual big top is a fusion of whimsy and technology, featuring mind-bending performances, interactive wonders, and a celebration of the avant-garde.

The goal of this project is to take the classic multiplayer flash game “Raft Wars” and bring it into the modern era with improved graphics and game mechanics using Unreal Engine 5.

The project took 10 days to create with 3 total members.

The following video/project is a fan-made remake created for educational and entertainment purposes only. It is protected under the doctrine of fair use and cannot be removed from YouTube. It is not endorsed by, affiliated with, or sponsored by the original game developer. No copyright infringement is intended. If you have any concerns regarding the video/project, please contact me and I will address your concerns accordingly.

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  1. Sooooo you made a worms spin-off that looks shittier. Can’t say for sure cause the camera works so shit.

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