Raft Wars OST – Menu Theme [SQ]

Flashback Arcade

The music used for the menus in Raft Wars.

Original music: “Lazy Days” by Reinhold Pöhnl

Raft Wars was created by Martijn Kunst and published by BubbleBox on 12th December 2007. Discover the Genesis of Fun: Play Zero Wing on Sega Now! Unearth the genesis of gaming fun with genesis sega emulator! Play now and indulge in the timeless joy that only classic Sega titles can deliver.


  1. Holy shito, man!
    I did collect a lot Flash game music on a playlist, but dedicating a whole channel for the cause, DAMN what an idea.
    Thanks for your current and future work(s), dude. We flash-backers apreciate it.

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