Raft Wars Nostalgia hits hard

Purple Hair Guy
Raft wars ruled my childhood
Playing flash game for my eazy subs
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  1. Man I remember playing this all the damn time. God time flies by os fast.

  2. Alaska became a United States territory in 1884.

  3. raft wars, i haven't heard that name in years…

  4. Title is wright by the way what program do you use to play flash games?

  5. Thanks for the content 🙃 and congrats on the 1K!!

  6. Im remember like enemy's weapons was a lot stronger than mine

  7. ID COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN ABOUT THIS GAME. I need to play through it now..

  8. Wait so it this game is from 2007 then the water effect wasnt from Minecraft.
    Dang I was dumb

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