Raft Wars Menu Theme Extended

Step 1: lie down
Step 2: Try not to cry
Step 3: CRY A LOT 😭😭😭

This video may be emotional, but I’ve got something to tell you.

But first, subscribe to my channel. I’m just reminding you. If you’ve done that, thanks once again.

OK, let’s start.

As you may know, flash will be unsupported in December 31st, 2020, which is bad, because you can’t experience your childhood anymore, and future generations won’t get to play them.

But don’t worry, There’s a webgame preservation project called “Bluemaxima’s Flashpoint”. Flashpoint has archived over 40,000+ flash games so we can play them past 2020, and future generations can experience them!

They also have a discord server, a place where you can contribute to the project like testing/curating games (Invite link in the video’s description, make sure to follow the server’s rules.)

Spread it to your friends, family, or everyone else. Spread the good news to the people who mourn the death of flash!


  1. Its almost the end of my childhood, probably for others too
    Edit: Nevermind

  2. I still remember when I was smaller I had my moms phone next to me recording me playing this game and I thought I was a streamer good ol days😔

  3. this hurts a lot, I had so many great memories.😭😭😭

  4. This game brings back so many memories I used to play this in kindergarten 😭😢

  5. If raft wars shut down, just go on poki.com and play the game, on poki the game does not need flash

  6. I just feel like i want to jump off a cliff while flash slowly shuts down in pain

  7. Yep, time to pound 50 ccs of pure nostalgia straight into my eyeball.

  8. Iconic as all hell.

    We never did find out who that black kid was, did we?

  9. This song started playing in head this past week. Thank you for posting this! I really appreciate it 😁

  10. This brings back to many good memories 🥺🥺❤️❤️

  11. They looks like South Park Characters

  12. Found the song name: lazy days by Reinhold pohnl

  13. I actually remember hearing this in a meet n fuck game as a kid.

  14. Let us never forget a timeless classic.


    I remember being on punishment for having a bad repot card and the only thing I could use was the computer to do my homework, so one day I was on it not doing my homework but acting like I was and my mom came in and asked if I was doing it and I said yeah but I forgot the volume was all the way up and once I went to play this game ….. guess what happened…..

    I didn’t see that computer till my next repot card the whole monitor and plugs for it was completely gone almost like nothing was there for a women who knew nothing about technology she sure knew how to take everything out hide it well I even tried to ask for it back when I really had to do homework and she got me a library card and sent me there worse couple months of my life, ahh good times. 🙂

  16. omg this game is my f***ng chilhood

  17. that song makes me cry 😭😭😭😭

  18. i remember playing this when i was in elementary years ago

  19. This is the greatest flash game I’ve ever played

  20. The Way They Replaced this theme is painful.

  21. I’ll never forget this game😔😔

  22. when i was a kid i thought this was a south park game……

  23. Bro them pirate mf be hella annoying 😭😭💀

  24. Oh, simple times, simple times. How I miss the good ol' days of having fun as a kid.

  25. The characters look like there from South Park

  26. don't cry because it's over smile because it happened

  27. Adobe flah games had the best soundtracks, and you'll never convince me otherwise

  28. I remeber I play this game in 2012. This is when I was 7 years old and now i'm 17 about to turn 18

  29. I love this game when I was lil buy it's still fun and still playable so yeah I love raft Wars!❤

  30. Raft wars will remain a core childhood memory. I was so blessed to have found it

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