raft wars main theme high quality

enjoy the main theme of raft wars on the best quality

the original track was made by Reinhold pöhnl

thanks for watching 🙂


  1. It’s so uncanny hearing this in high quality

  2. this full quality version sounds like something i shouldn't be listening to

  3. It sounds completely different now. It's weird how much a difference in quality can make.

  4. I miss raft wars… I remember when my class and I were able to go on cool math games or if I had free time I'd go on cool math games on my laptop and school laptop raft wars 1 and 2 was the first two games I'd play until playing anything other game on cool math…

    Now just looking back at the memories, I wanna cry…

  5. Ah, pfft.
    Who the hell needs Revengeance and Status or whatever Motivation crap they brag about??
    When I got some nice Flash Game music like this that helps me feel motivated but in my own way lol.

  6. This is what a banger sounds like. Man…I miss my childhood raft wars one of the greatest games ever!!

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