Raft Wars – Level Music

KillerPunkSuperMario UNCENSORED
This is the level music from a flash game called Raft Wars. Enjoy!


  1. PomPom! - OS Videos, Votes, Inkagames And More says:

    One Of The Innapropriate Flash Games Due To Simon Swearing

  2. Holiday for Mr. Anderson (without bells) – Matt McLellan

  3. puts on purple bra
    Hit be baby one more time!

  4. Part of my childhood. Still a part of my adult life.

  5. En 2016 jugaba y veia estos juegos. Los jugaba en mi tablet aprende mx pero se bloque y aparte me la robaron extraño esos momentos en los que yo jugaba

  6. We need more games like these
    Characters throwing stuff at each other.
    Hope big companies such as Nintendo make games like this, reminds of DDTank/Boomz

  7. Hmm this gives me a bad memory of the time In pillow wars accept with soft toys and pillows flouting in water

    Especially when the three on the pillow defeated my soliders

  8. Yo al igual que Angel Chavez jugaba y veia estos juegos en mi tablet pero esta bloqueada, jugaba no iva a la escuela en ese año jugaba todo el dia desde las 12:00 pm. hasta las 10:00pm y ahi me entretenia jugaba juegos como:zombotron 1,2 y la maquina del tiempo,estrique force heroes 3 y batalion comander. Viva el 2016!!!.y armor games y kizi juegos.y mini juegos en donde en esta pagina esta este maravilloso juego.

  9. I love i'ts music 😌😌😌😌♥️♥️♥️♥️

  10. Wow. The nostalgia… It feels like I'm in the school computer lab again.

  11. I have no memory of how beautiful this really was. Wow.. its amazing!!

  12. this music has been stuck in my head since the past 7 years and i didn't know where it was from until now

  13. This song has a pretty good orchestra rather than the sequel unlike Raft Wars 2 because the second one is more like an adventure

  14. I remember my older brother playing this game, me just watching begging for a turn. Ah those were the days… 😪

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