Raft wars level 11 final by me !!!

the final raft wars level 11.. yes its mom and dad the story is that the next doors kids have taked ur mom and ye fight everyone to get em back… ntw the story dont tell anything about why u fight mom and dad….


  1. dude omg i quit at lvl 10 i didnt know i was so close to the end rofl.

  2. i hate that level im stuck on the level before that

  3. actually you probably pressed skip during the scene where the parents reunite and then turn against you

  4. wow little children useing rocket launches and turtle bombs how x tream sweet.

  5. Turtle bombs? What the fuck? It's a grenade.

  6. its a fun game but what i really love about it is the intro music and the in between level music. well cheerful tune,

  7. finaly i are ready beat all of it in 5 minit 100 time

  8. then why are you watching it?
    if you call us a loser then so are you

  9. this is the best flash game EVAR!! lol

  10. God, i hated the thug rematch. They kept 1HKO my guys! I threw everything at them, rockets, grenades, but they were just too powerful, and too accurate. I've beaten the game before, and i actually 1HKO The parents with a single rocket, but now, i remeber why i thought city folk round 2 and savages are so hard

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