Raft Wars is NOT a Kid-Friendly Game (Proof)

YouTube’s machine learning is annoying. It set my raft wars theme video for kids. Now, I am here to prove that the game itself is NOT kid-friendly!

Hey, if you’ve gone this far in the description, thanks. I’ve got something to tell you.

But first, subscribe to my channel. I’m just reminding you. If you’ve done that, thanks once again.

OK, let’s start.

As you may know, flash will be unsupported in December 31st, 2020, which is bad, because you can’t experience your childhood anymore, and future generations won’t get to play them.

But don’t worry, There’s a webgame preservation project called “Bluemaxima’s Flashpoint”. Flashpoint has archived over 40,000+ flash games so we can play them past 2020, and future generations can experience them!

They also have a discord server, a place where you can contribute to the project like testing/curating games (Invite link in the video’s description, make sure to follow the server’s rules.)

Spread it to your friends, family, or everyone else. Spread the good news to the people who mourn the death of flash!


  1. ** ADDITIONAL REMARKS **1. I am not doing this because I like collecting children's data. No, I don't collect any data from children. YouTube and Google are the ones who collect data (that's why they got fined $170 million). I am only doing this so people above the age of 13 will have freedom of speech.2. In 2:26, Simon's brother says "Damn Thugs", but in other versions of the game, he says "Thugs Spotted".3. Since I proved that the game "Raft Wars" is not Kid-Friendly, I set my "Raft Wars Main Theme Extended" video as "Not for kids". All the features are there, but the recommendations did not change. (UPDATE: It changed).4. If you make Raft Wars content, feel free to use this video as an info card.5. Removing features from a video marked as "Made for kids" is useless and it will just ruin freedom of speech. What do you expect? Kids (not babies) will not watch nursery rhymes anymore, instead, they will watch some content marked as "Not for kids". It makes no sense at all, and the subreddit r/youngpeopleyoutube is proving it!6. YouTube thinks kids only watch kids content while adults only watch adult content. No, it's the opposite! There is no specific video genre mentioned from the statement "YouTube got fined $170 million for collecting data from children without permission", so I think the reason they got fined is that kids watch adult content. And like I said from No. 5, Removing features from a video marked as "Made for kids" is useless and it will just ruin freedom of speech. In short, nothing happened, children's data is still being collected, and freedom of speech was ruined.** This comment will be edited for further remarks. **

  2. The game isn't necessarily made for kids, but, i think the violence against simon and his brother is cartoon violence giving it an E10+ rating on esrb, plus i don't know how greediness affects it all too much, the PETA evidence though XD

  3. the funny thing is, this vid actually caused the theme song video to not be considered kid friendly

  4. 1:03 tbf that generally seems like a concept for a kid's show. A rag-tag group of kids fighting back against pirates to defend their treasure.

  5. Here's another thing that proves it's not kids friendly one of Simon's idle animation has him wearing a bra singing "hit me baby one more time"

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