Raft Wars Gameplay

Since I’ve proven that Raft Wars is not a kid-friendly game, () I am now happily uploading a Raft Wars Gameplay!

Hey, if you’ve gone this far in the description, thanks. I’ve got something to tell you.

But first, subscribe to my channel. I’m just reminding you. If you’ve done that, thanks once again.

OK, let’s start.

As you may know, flash will be unsupported in December 31st, 2020, which is bad, because you can’t experience your childhood anymore, and future generations won’t get to play them.

But don’t worry, There’s a webgame preservation project called “Bluemaxima’s Flashpoint”. Flashpoint has archived over 40,000+ flash games so we can play them past 2020, and future generations can experience them!

They also have a discord server, a place where you can contribute to the project like testing/curating games (Invite link in the video’s description, make sure to follow the server’s rules.)

Spread it to your friends, family, or everyone else. Spread the good news to the people who mourn the death of flash!


  1. I just want things to go back. I want there to be happiness again. We'll make it some day, brothers. If not for us, for our kids

  2. Raft wars was my childhood flash game 🙂

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