Raft Wars game Hacked!!

Pratik Kataria
Hi guys u might be knowing this game if u then u know its all about aiming… and in aiming u have to aim with bombs, rockets and ball so… will it be possible for you to get 9999 rockets and bombs ?? and that also with 866 credits.. NO right? but well what if u hack it ? its then possible so thats teh thing i did in video… keep watching =[)


  1. @makingdon The recipe is for flash games, times it by eight.
    -bfoster15no2 on CEF.

  2. if he makes another vid where uses 3 rockets then ill beleive but now rubbish vid

  3. my english is not the best because i´m from germany, but i can make a video, how he hacket it. it´s very easy. he has probably used cheatengine.

  4. rip off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. its fake yo can see where he has editied it so it looks like it and it gives him the option to move it it is all fake and phtoshoped

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