Raft Wars Full Gameplay Walkthrough All Levels

GoGy Games
Watch the full walkthrough for the awesone Raft Wars game, play it here:


  1. Isn't scary that when the enemies says "swimming with the fishes" where there is a shark

  2. Goodbye Raft wars. Were all gonna miss you😥😭

  3. That game was my childhood and my Brother played that game but I've never got to play that game.

  4. I used to play this on a gate way desktop with a crt monitor oh to be young again

  5. I wish I could just go back to these simpler times, Playing Raft Wars, Skywire, Garfield Scary Scavenger Hunt, And Three Panda's.

  6. Back in my days I would sit in the library with the boys playing this…

  7. I forgot that I played this game. Thank you. 🥲

  8. Anyone know the story? What did Simon did to have his parents fighting him. Who's that boy wearing cape

  9. I played this all the time at my nans house

  10. I remember playing this on my parents sempron 140 pc

  11. Long before Fortnite was even a thing… this was the true battle royale game!

  12. Recuerdo este juego, tiene aproximadamente 5 años que lo jugue, me encantaba, y hasta el dia de hoy volví ah ver un poco de el <3

  13. I miss this so much this is one of the best game ever , Nostalgia 😭 ❤️

  14. Fun Fact: This was Gogy Games's First Video.

  15. I would always go to my neighbors and we would play this all the time, I was five at the time and the men in the masks would always scare me.

  16. This takes me back to a much more simpler and more enjoyable time

  17. It was the best shooting game. Nostalgia hit me like a car

  18. 7:06 I remember playing a game where you played as those canibals. Played just like raft wars but the goal was to win over a girl and have her make you turtle soup or something. Wish I could remember what the game was called

  19. I played this almost everyday on the school computers in middle school

  20. This brings back so many memories I remember first played this in pre-K man those were some good days back then I wish I could go back in time

  21. I feel like the voice is the developer of this game, Martijn Kunst.

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