RAFT WARS Battle vs Friends in Minecraft! (1v1v1)

We are stuck on a raft in the middle of the ocean with random items and only a fishing rod. Whichever one of @MisterCrainer @Jelly and me are left standing are the winner.


  1. josh jelly broke out of prison in squid island

  2. Bro really said "I don’t have anymore blocks?" After he dropped 2 beacons.

  3. Josh jelly escaped prison and took the netherite pickaxe I'm a snitch 😉😉

  4. He should’ve just killed crainer at the start 😂

  5. More content warning please it’s a good mini series you could do

  6. slogo check the prison in squid Island there might be something in the quarry that jelly found

  7. Slobo jelly broke prison found a tunnel to squid Island wins squid Island cave. He went out and collected all the petals. He needs to beat your goals in there. Please tell him about this comment.

  8. In squid island jelly escaped squid island

  9. I really love this video 🤩 more

  10. Who so the netherite sword and Golden apple that was very close to Josh's raft?

  11. Josh! In squid Island, jelly found a cave in the quarry and took resources out of his chests and took the NETHERITE pickaxe. Plz do something bout that

  12. me watching slogo take chain armor instead of the iron stuff thats right there

  13. Jelly broke out of the prison on squid Island


  15. this one reminds me of another simulation game…

  16. SLogo the present have a escape in the cave to the present

  17. SLogo. Crainer . just make that video yesterday

  18. 6:24 bro I was rolling on the floor😂😂😂 and 6:59 AHHHH HES GOT A REVIVAL THING!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. Can you play with me on fortnite on the 27

  20. Hey slogo jelly found an exit in the prison quarry

  21. The ord time's are coming back 🥲

    Thanks for 0 like🎉

  22. Josh could have won if he actually took the rail he could have dropped tnt Minecart to insta kill jelly right after crainer died

  23. Jelly escaped from jail on squid is😮

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