raft wars battle theme high quality

enjoy the extended version of the battle theme from raft wars

this track was made by Matt McLellan

thanks for watching 🙂


  1. Memories :)This music is why I love flash fames growing up, much better than video games XD lol.

  2. If only I was there to see Herbert von Karajan do that symphony for the first time 😢

  3. I think of Pororo music every time I listen to this playing raft wars lo(A North Korean cartoon that is definitely not a pingu ripoff)

  4. Raft Wars 1 OST: We just a couple silly dudes fighting for some treasure lol.Raft Wars 2 OST: Just got back from the last tour of duty…. Simon is severely wounded from an improvised explosive made out of a turtle shell and some dynamite… I almost drowned…. The war still hasn't ended. I have seen horrible shit… Corpses piled on top of one another in the water… Why doesn't god just end my misery here?

  5. Raft Wars Eso Solo En Computadora de Friv!

  6. i think lower the quality the better but good job tho

  7. POV: Youre here because adobe flash is no longer supported and raft wars cannot launch properly anymore

  8. Raft Wars,Club Penguin,Restaurant City.Miscrits those were the days 🙁

  9. Why?! Why did this theme got Replaced!?

  10. Reminds me of classic FM 📻 however I’m also here cause the game is a unforgettable legend yet I still hate the turtle warriors in raft wars 2

  11. i listen to this from time to time when i need a mood boost and i love how it sounds so christmas-like !! ^.^ it's just a game but the producers rlly made a masterpiece…. that was all, thank you lol

  12. Me trae Recuerdos cuando jugaba en mi Tablet.

  13. This song has no right being this beautiful.

  14. Raft wars was my favorite flash game of all time 🙂

  15. Did they made this song specific for this game or did they took it from somewhere else?

  16. This game always reminded me of South Park for some reason

  17. I played this game so often no joke

  18. When i was a kid i always thought that this game was connected to south park

  19. 2019 And Still Hear This Ost

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