RAFT WARS! | Ark Survival Evolved – Raft Wars | Let’s Play

We have so many people trying to get into the other server, I thought I would start a second server tribe! If you were unable to get into the other server and still want to play, we are working on a series here as well as the other place. We are going to focus on sea life here, living out in the ocean and being pirates.

Steam Group for MSG Pirate Server:

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Who am I and why do I make videos?

My name is Loverfella. I am a 21 year old college student studying environmental engineering. YouTube is my passion, I love making let’s plays and tutorials. I also really enjoy vlogging and connecting with my fan-base. I love you all. All links below are affiliate links.


  1. please don't play in that angle play first person

  2. M8 u need to stop making new series it's upsetting

  3. I got a quetzal and i am gonna start taming higher lvl ones so i will get an egg for you (high lvl) i have some tools for you too (place a hatchframe so you can get down to the raft)

  4. The past few days i have been looking for a series like this so when i saw it i got really happy lol

  5. and i suggest u stay on other server 😀

  6. okey dikey im gonna join you now.becuase that seems awesome

  7. hopefully this series last longer than the other pirate one

  8. you probably tried joining when the server was rebooting… anyway i just tamed a mosa and me and dodoarmy tamed a quetz

  9. We play this server if you want we can help you out a bit

  10. hey loverfella later on are you gonna add cannons on your raft so it's like a pirate ship

    why I'm saying later on is because you don't have have the resources to make them

  11. remember when I said that soon your gonna get 2k subs, well I think your gonna get 3k subs

  12. Yo Man big fan been w you for a while yo man look up the expedition boat that boat is great man with some turrets and plant species X

  13. Love your videos keep up the work. Hope your day been good

  14. Hey what are some servers you play on I'd like to help or compete with you if your all right with that dude

  15. hi i cannot find the Major salt gaming server the website says that the server is not up yet or something and i am confused

  16. lower foundations at raft floor level and then u can ride it

  17. Hey lover umm with the driving while having your base on it just put a hatch so u can open and shut when you need

  18. lover fella im playng at your server but my brother luka is play more om that server and i play more at my server

  19. I really want to join you guys but I don't know where to get in touch with you guys

  20. NONONONONONONONO dont play on MSG dont its bad join a 5x

  21. Any chance of Joining you, I have much expericience on rafts as I lived on one in a official for 6 months lol. If im aloud to join reply i would love to? 🙂

  22. I like to put a sloped ceiling in that spot, that way you can still reach the rudder plus you're kind of hidden in there if you don't have walls

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