RAFT WARS | Ark: Survival Evolved | Early PVP

We are on a brand new server which is a no fly server. Link will be down below. In today’s video we are doing some first day PVP and raiding to try and get ahead!




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  1. I forgot to mention in the video but the second base we went to I had some recording issues and lost the last part of that recording. We didn't end up getting in the base though. Our carno got pulled into their base and the turrets killed it. On this server the turret damaged is increased by x5. After that we tried it again with a few rexes but it didn't work. Thanks again for watching everyone. We have a lot of fun stuff to show you soon from this server.

  2. Why does it sound like them two guy's have echo or reverb on when the speak, also why does that server have floating island mod on a no fly server ?

  3. The only one out of you three you tubers I haven't Played with is Titan

  4. yo mexus if my pc worked i would love to play with you love the hard wrk and dedication you put into your vids keep up the great wrk

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