Raft Wars 2 OST – Battle Theme EXTENDED

On account of it technically being a rip, some of the water and bird sound effects are still in the background.


  1. I could swear that I have heard this somewhere else before and that this is royalty free but it goes so hard

  2. Please, someone, upload a High quality version without the background sounds

  3. Lmfao I can see it genuinely inspired by Ennio Morricone soundtracks. So goooddd….

  4. Please upload a High quality version without the in-game background sounds 🙁

  5. Raft wars 2 has been "remastered" but it feels off. The graphics are better but they actually changed a few game mechanics as well. Nerfed rockets, buffed triple shots (they're op now) and slightly changed every stage so that they still remind of the original stages but they are definitely different. Also the way you attack was changed.AND THE REMASTER DOESN'T HAVE THIS MUSICI actually like the original raft wars 2 more.They also remastered raft wars 1 and added like 3 new levels to it which was really cool and interesting. The original music of raft wars 1 was never anything that interesting but it was okay. I'd say the new music is okay as well. Also the remastered RF 2 has the same music as the remastered RF 1So for raft wars 1 i recommend the remastered version but for raft wars 2 definitely just play the original. Also again, the levels in remastered versions are slightly different than the original ones. The same tricks might not be as effective even if it looks similiar

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