Raft Wars 2 Official Gameplay Walkthrough

GoGy Games
Watch the official walkthrough for Raft Wars 2, play it here:


  1. I have played this game in my elementary school back then

  2. I used to play this game with my grandpa all the time when i was younger 😢😢😢 we loved this game!! We had so much fun. I'm hoping to play it with him again maybe tomorrow!! I'll let you know!!

  3. Who wolud tough a game about some kids shooting balls with toy pistols would been this epic

  4. The only cool math game I contstly played it was so much fun

  5. wsp man ive been watching ur vids when i was a kid love ur vids im always here to support u

  6. The art style of this game reminds me of South Park

  7. OMG you hit the ball to the hamburger restaurant

  8. "Oi they knocked a paint bucket down? SECURITY!"

  9. I used to play raft wars 2, but I finally beat that game.

  10. A 3rd game with the same artstyle would be cool

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